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Simplify Video Conferencing & Collaboration with Yealink Meeting

Yealink Meeting is a cloud-based integrated video conferencing platform which can help you easily meet online. Dedicated to providing an easy meeting experience and high productivity tools, Yealink provides an end-to-end cloud solution and full-range video conferencing devices with broad compatibility, ideal for various meeting scenarios. One click is all it takes to enjoy an instant face-to-face connection with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Why Yealink Meeting

Yealink is a one-stop provider that embraces a full range of VC solutions from cloud services to meeting room devices. The comprehensive lineup can match the needs of all scenarios for video meetings in any way and from any place.

All-in-one video conferencing terminals

help you hold business meetings easily, and ensure the productivity of modern work styles.

Ease of Use

Yealink Meeting provides simple video conferencing, enabling you to easily start or join a meeting with one simple click. Join calls from your calendar and email applications, or by clicking the meeting URL. You can easily enjoy a consistent experience across all devices. Besides using your own devices, you can also choose from fully integrated system terminals manufactured by Yealink for rooms of all sizes, satisfying different needs. The rich functions within Yealink Meeting, such as instant content sharing and whiteboard collaboration, and statistics management will also benefit your meeting experience and help you elevate your brand.

High Security

Tailored for businesses, not social networking. Yealink Meeting ensures compliance with GDPR, and strictly follows its requirements on data security by implementing regional

data isolation and providing unsubscribe options for users. All Yealink Meeting audio and video transmitted are encrypted with AES-256 to protect the confidentiality of meeting information. Additionally, all signals are encrypted with the TLS protocol. Besides the multi-level and comprehensive data security technology, Yealink Meeting also features a

conference lock function, which provides additional PIN-protected security assurance for all meeting participants, and safeguards the information in your business meetings reliably.

Worldwide Coverage

Yealink’s global multi-region and multi-center architecture guarantees a high-quality cross-regional video conferencing experience. Designed with advanced intelligent routing and a globally distributed cloud architecture, Yealink Meeting covers more than 99% of main global service nodes. It provides nearby access to the fastest transmission paths, delivering real-time communications and a stable HD video conference experience in any place in the world.

Brand Compatibility

Yealink Meeting enables users to join a video conference through multiple modes like PC clients, mobile clients, web browsers, Microsoft Teams, legacy SIP / H.323 devices, and PSTN calls. You can start a video meeting with anyone easily. What’s more, users do not have to replace their current devices, as Yealink Meeting is compatible with most mainstream VC

terminals in the industry, achieving a better video conferencing experience together.


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