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Jabra Biz Series of Corded Headsets for Call Center Agents & Customer Service Advisors

Jabra Biz Series Corded Headsets

The Jabra Biz Series offers a range of professional corded headsets with great sound, designed for call center agents, customer service advisors and others who listen and talk to customers for a living.

Crystal Clear Conversations

Noisy workplaces can make calls a struggle for agents and customers. Biz Series headsets take noise out of the equation, helping you focus on the conversation. HD Voice technology and noise-cancelling microphones ensure crystal clear sound quality at

both ends of the call for a more professional customer experience.

All Day Comfort

Biz Series headsets are made for all day wear, with ergonomically designed frames, lightweight design and super soft foam or leatherette ear cushions. Headbands and microphone booms can be adjusted for comfort.

Tough Design

High-performing contact centers and other call-intensive environments need headsets that can survive countless hours of use. The Biz Series headsets are highly durable, with an adjustable boom-arm that can be rotated without the risk of breaking.

Easy to Deploy and Manage

Biz Series headsets are optimized for use with all leading desk phone systems and Unified Communications platforms. Jabra Xpress enables you to easily configure all of your company’s audio devices from one central point.

Extensive Range

Biz Series headsets are available in QD versions for your desk phone.

Jabra Biz Series Corded Headsets

Jabra Biz 1500

  • Quality sound - Noise cancelling microphone for truly professional sound

  • Easy to control - Durable build with volume control unit and mute for USB version

  • All day comfort - Foam cushions and 270° flexible spin boom arm

  • Professional, durable and comfortable

Jabra Biz 2300

  • Crystal clear sound - Breath resistant microphone with noise cancellation

  • Advanced build - Durable reinforced cord and programmable buttons for USB variant

  • Superior comfort - 20% lighter than competitors with padded ear cushions and 360° flexible spin boom arm

  • All day wearing comfort

Jabra Biz 2400 II

  • World-class sound - Breath resistant microphone with ultra noise cancelation

  • Best in class build quality - Reinforced cord and programmable buttons for USB variant

  • Ultimate comfort - 40% lighter than competitors, soft pouch leatherette ear cushions, headphone padding and 360° flexible spin boom arm

  • Best in class quality and lightest in its class


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