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Jabra Motion: Ultimate Technology & Maximum Convenience

Kathea: Jabra Motion Wireless UC Mono Headset

Jabra Motion UC is the ultimate headset for Unified Communications, featuring the latest intelligent technology that allows you to communicate easily, both in the office and on the go. Built-in motion sensors react to your movements and different sound environments, enabling intuitive call control, unsurpassed battery performance and superior audio quality. Jabra Motion UC is one of the first headsets with NFC technology - just tap them together and the headset connects with your smartphone. And with best in class wireless freedom you can enjoy 10 times the range of similar headsets on the market from your PC, tablet and smartphone. When used with your UC client you get full integration, including automatic updating of your UC presence status when on a smartphone call. The headsets Busylight indicator ensures that you avoid interruptions. The travel & charging kit gives you maximum convenience and makes the Jabra Motion UC the perfect choice for both business and private life. The unique flip boom-arm design makes it even easier to connect and answer or end a call while providing optimal pocketability. With Jabra Motion UC you can take or make that important call wherever you are.

Superior Sound

Get best-in-class sound quality. Built-in motion sensor and advanced microphones adapt the sound to your surroundings. Enjoy crystal clear, high-definition calls even in noisy or windy conditions.

All-Day Comfort

Get maximum comfort with a behind-the-ear design and flexible materials that hug your ear. Find the perfect fit by adjusting the speaker and flipping it to fit either ear.

Kathea: Jabra Motion Wireless UC Mono Headset

Smart Motion Sensor

Answer calls by simply picking up the headset. When lying still, the motion sensor activates a “Power Nap” mode to save battery. Lift the headset, and it’s ready to go again.

Features at a Glance

Intuitive Flip-boom

Turn the headset off or on by simply folding or unfolding the flip boom.

NFC for Easy Pairing

Pair effortlessly with your NFC-enabled device by simply tapping the Jabra Motion to it.

Voice Guidance & Control

It tells you how to connect with your phone, who is calling, and your battery status. Pick up and initiate calls using just your voice.



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