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Kathea introduces KathCare Rental Solutions to the partner market

Kathea is proud to announce that we have recently partnered with one of the largest and most reputable privately owned financial institutions in South Africa.

Through this partnership, our aim is to be able to provide our partners with tailor-made rental solutions that offers a genuine service wrapper rental that meets the specific and individual needs of their customers.

Specialised Service
We offer a specialised service that is not only based on the financing of hardware, but cloud based software subscriptions as well.

We ensure your customers peace of mind in guaranteeing that the goods provided are well supported throughout the entirety of the rental agreement.

We enable you to make margin on a service that you yourselves do not need to support.

There is no large capital expenditure for your customers as the rental solution is based on an OpEx model. This OpEx model allows for rentals to be treated as ongoing costs that your customers company pays to run its basic business and are fully tax deductible.

Learn more about Kathea's Rental Solutions by contacting Kathea Communication Solution’s.

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