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Level Up Your Meetings With Poly Video OS 3.1 Update

Kathea: Level Up Your Meetings With Poly Video OS 3.1 Update

Poly strives to transform your meeting rooms into the hub where authentic human connections and collaboration take place. Their aim is a future where they make the connection, then that’s the last time you notice them in your meeting. What they mean by this is developing smart devices that are able to follow along with how humans communicate in a way that feels so natural, they disappear.

When they launched Poly Video OS as their platform of the future, they made a commitment to ensure their customers could get more out of their investment as time went on. This is why Poly is excited to deliver software update 3.1 to make your G7500 and Studio X family that much better.

Poly AI Leveling Up

Poly MeetingAI is the bit of magic that makes video conferencing with the Studio X video bars or the G7500 feel so natural. Two of our flagship features are NoiseBlockAI and Automatic Camera Framing, both of which gained significant improvements with this software release. If desired, Automatic Camera Framing will group all meeting participants and naturally move between speakers, framing them as they speak. This feature allows far-end participants to feel like they’re in room while also freeing others in the room from having to control a camera. Check out the video below to see how we’ve made this even more natural.

Video Player

NoiseBlockAI ensures voices come through naturally, and you don’t have to be concerned about distracting background noises disrupting the flow of your meeting. Software update 3.1 makes further improvements to our noise-canceling technology that uses machine learning to truly understand what belongs in a call and what doesn’t!

BYOD Flexibility with USB Device Mode

Next, we’ve all had experiences where we’ve had difficulty joining a meeting from a room system.  Maybe the dial-in info was not in the correct format, maybe it’s a different cloud service than you’re used to. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a reliable backup to give you peace of mind? We think so too. USB Device Mode allows you to connect your laptop to the room system and utilize all the awesome audio and video features with any meeting service in just two steps while staying connected to your laptop.

New Controller Option with Trio

With this update, you can now use the Poly Trio 8500, 8800 or the brand new C60 as a controller with the Zoom Room app or the Poly Video app. In addition, you also get to use the Trio mics at the center of the table for an outstanding audio experience.

G7500 Getting Stronger

When it comes to covering large meeting spaces the G7500 is the answer — and, its coverage just got even better. It now supports 3.5mm audio mixing options, the IP mic adapter to support SoundStructure and USB support for SHURE microphones.

A New Partner App

First, we are pleased to announce that we’ve added a new app from our cloud video partner, GoToRoom. End users will be able to natively run the GoToRoom app on their Studio X or G7500 and experience GoToRoom’s familiar UI.  The app is there today, and service from our partner will begin next month. Part of the vision for Poly Video OS was to build a platform that included all cloud video services, and we’ve got more announcements to come, so stay tuned.

There's Still More

We told you, Poly's commitment to bringing you more value is real. In addition to everything listed above, they've also included the following in this release:

  • Support for Poly USB headsets (includes any Poly headset with a USB dongle)

  • Ability to leverage analytics with Poly Lens

  • Camera enhancements to correct for sharpness and motion blur in low light

  • Support for IPv6

  • Support for Zoom Rooms for touch monitors

  • Debut extension mic for the Studio X50

Update today and begin using all these features to enhance your meeting experience. We hope you enjoy and there’s more to come — stay tuned.

- Contact Kathea for more information and pricing on our Poly Solutions!

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