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Logitech Zone True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Built for Business

Kathea: Logitech Zone True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Built for Business

Clear, Connected & Confident

Bring your personal style to video meetings with Zone True Wireless Bluetoothearbuds. A certified noise-cancelling mic, ANC and immersive sound are ideal for busy workspaces. Simultaneously connect your computer and smartphone, then customize and control your earbuds with the Logi Tune app.

Your Voice, Crystal Clear

With Zone True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds your voice sounds crystal clear, even in noisy environments. Three mics in each earbud (6 total) distinguish your voice from other sounds through a combination of advanced beamforming, cascaded noise reduction and dynamic processing. The innermost mic captures your voice through bone conduction and, combined with fabric that helps eliminate wind noise, delivers professional-quality sound no matter your surroundings. Conveniently control mic gain with the Logi Tune app.

Zone Into Your World

Zone True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds provide outstanding audio quality. Hybrid ANC blocks distracting noise and helps you focus while Transparency Mode is handy for chatting and hearing people or traffic noise without removing your earbuds. Use the Logi Tune app to turn on/off, or simply tap the earbud. Large 12mm drivers deliver full-bodied bass tones, complementing your experience and enjoyment of the full frequency spectrum.

Get Connected, Stay Connected

Connect Zone True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds to your computer and smartphone simultaneously. Use native Bluetooth to seamlessly connect to your smartphone along with the included USB receiver that plugs into your computer for extra-reliable wireless connectivity. Advanced multipoint technology makes it easy to seamlessly switch between the two active audio sources and never miss a call.

Your Ears, Your Style

With Zone True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds, our obsession with product design provides a beautiful expression of elegance, simplicity and professionalism that positively projects your style and personality. Available in two contemporary colors, these wireless earbuds look fantastic both on and off camera. Feel confident looking your best with an earbud style and form factor that’s your choice for you.

A Perfect Fit For Better Sound

Ears, like the people they belong to, come in all shapes and sizes. Your own ears might even be slightly different. Zone True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds come with removable ear gels in three sizes so you can choose the perfect fit for each ear to optimize acoustic performance and noise isolation. We’ve been refining earbud design and production for years, raising in-ear comfort and fit to its own artform.

App-Based Customization & Control

Open Logi Tune on your smartphone or computer to easily configure, control, and customize your Zone True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds. From the elegantly intuitive dashboard you can manage mute, view charging status, modulate sidetone controls, and tweak the 5-band EQ sliders—or choose one of the custom presets.

Ready For Business

Zone True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds work seamlessly with common calling applications across most all platforms and operating systems. Business certifications include Microsoft® Teams, Google Meet and Google Voic, certified for Zoom, and works with other popular applications like Cisco Webex, BlueJeans, and GoToMeeting.


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