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Logitech Zone Wired Earbuds Built for Business. Wherever Work Takes you.

Kathea: Logitech Zone True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Built for Business

Clear & Connected.

Look and sound your best on video calls with Zone Wired Earbuds. Advanced noise-canceling mics on the left earbud clearly capture your every word. In-ear sound is studio quality. Instantly connect your phone, tablet or computer to create a zone of your own wherever you work.

Your Voice, Professional & Clear.

Certified advanced noise-canceling mic technology that clearly captures your every word, Zone Wired Earbuds make every meeting better. Boomless and beautifully designed, two beam-forming mics are positioned on the left earbud to focus exclusively on your voice while suppressing unwanted sounds from open workplaces, cafes and other noisy environments. Speak and be heard clearly wherever you work with wired earbuds built for business.

Creat Your Zone. Anywhere.

Create a zone of your own for professional sounding calls and music with Zone Wired Earbuds. Studio-quality audio is enhanced by PET+PU driver material for clear sound with less distortion while neodymium magnets increase loudness. Two pre-configured EQ settings, one optimized for voice clarity and the other for music, deliver just the right soundscape while the in-ear earbud design passively reduces external noise and minimizes sound leakage.

Sound Great. Look Smart.

Wherever work takes you, express your style with confidence. Zone Wired Earbuds look as good on video calls as they sound in your ears. Professional contours, a subtle concentric pattern on the metal side plates and your choice of contemporary color options convey a sense of casual elegance. Beyond appearances, magnets on the earbud surfaces keep them together when not in use while an included storage pouch is designed to keep cables neat and never tangled.

The Perfect Fit for you.

With Zone True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds, our obsession with product design provides a beautiful expression of elegance, simplicity and professionalism that positively projects your style and personality. Available in two contemporary colors, these wireless earbuds look fantastic both on and off camera. Feel confident looking your best with an earbud style and form factor that’s your choice for you.

A Perfect Fit For Better Sound.

Every ear is unique. Even your own lovely pair probably aren’t precisely identical. We know this because we’ve been refining earbud design for years, raising in-ear fit to its own artform. That’s why Zone Wired Earbuds come with four sizes of ear gels, so you can choose the perfect fit for each ear to optimize acoustic performance and noise isolation. Even the cable length is adjustable with a clip above the Y-joint, you can custom fit to your personal preferences.

Take Control with Logi Tune.

Open Logi Tune on your computer to easily setup, control, and customize your Zone Wired Earbuds. From the elegantly intuitive dashboard, modulate sidetone controls, tweak the 5-band EQ sliders on windows only (or choose one of the custom presets), and run diagnostics. Keep your earbuds up-to-date by downloading the latest Logi Tune software.

Remote Management with Logitech Sync.

IT can remotely manage Zone Wired Earbuds with Logitech Sync, a simple browser-based interface that makes it easy to support company-wide video deployments while minimizing site visits and trouble tickets. Logitech Sync offers a secure and scalable approach to remote monitoring and device management that simplifies tasks like firmware updates and feature enablement.

Ready For Business.

Zone Wired Earbuds work seamlessly with common calling applications across most platforms and operating systems. Business certifications include Microsoft Teams, certified for Google Meet and Google Voice, certified for Zoom, and works with other popular applications like Cisco Webex, BlueJeans, and GoToMeeting.


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