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MeetMe powered by Videxio: Finally Introducing In-Meeting Chat

For the last two years one of our most frequent feature requests has been the ability to chat with other participants during your meetings.

We’re finally introducing in-meeting chat, available across My Meeting VideoWeb, Desktop, iOS and Android.

For your meeting’s privacy, you’ll only see messages posted after you’ve joined a room

We know that many of you use the same room for multiple meetings throughout your days, and some of them are even back-to-back.

This is why you’ll only see chat messages posted after you have joined the meeting.

Share links with other people in your meeting

Need to share a link to a document, image or something else? No problem. Just type or paste a link into chat to share it with everyone in your meeting.

Share links during your meetings

Help someone with microphone or speaker issues

Sometimes your guests will have trouble with their speakers or microphones. Now you can communicate with them without sending an email or using another app.

Help someone with microphone or speaker issues

Allow your meeting’s participants to let you know when they’d like to be unmuted

Sometimes it’s helpful to mute someone in the participant list to reduce noise in meetings. During those cases, it can be difficult to let the meeting’s moderator know that you’d like to speak. Now you can use chat to request to speak again.

Letting moderators know when you’d like to speak

Meetingbot helps you keep track of who joined and who left

We’ve added a helpful bot to help you keep track of who joined and left your meetings. Meetingbot will tell you when someone joined and left so you know what messages someone can see

Keep track of who has joined and who left

Contact Us

Learn more about Kathea's MeetMe powered by Videxio Solutions, contact us on or +27 (0) 11 844 9900.



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