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Pexip Enterprise Room Connector: Simplify Video Collaboration for any Meeting Room

Many organizations are now using multiple video collaboration solutions and hardware, such as Microsoft Teams or Google Meet, alongside their existing traditional video conferencing room systems (SIP/H.323 devices).

But with this mix, it can often be difficult for users to remember multiple joining workflows for different hardware setups and meeting types. Remove user complexity and expand the capabilities of your meeting rooms with the Enterprise Room Connector.

Pexip's Premium Enterprise Room Connect includes everything you need to connect to a room:

Include your preferred interoperability integration:

Pexip for Microsoft Teams

Dial into your Microsoft Teams meetings from standardsbased video systems (SIP/H323 devices).

Pexip for Google Meet

Dial into your Google Hangouts meetings from standards-based video systems (SIP/H323 devices).

Premium Pexip Endpoint Subscription

Includes call control, phone book management and Skype for Business interoperability. Register and provision your video conferencing systems on the Pexi Service's dedicated video network with quality-assured performance.

Manage your organisation's migration to the cloud:

If your organization needs to maintain some endpoint devices on your existing internal call-control solution, you have the option to replace the endpoint subscription license with a Trusted Device license. You can then migrate devices onto dedicated endpoint subscriptions with native call-control when you're ready.

Trusted Devices:

Are not registered to the Pexip Service, but are recognized as internal devices when calling into your Microsoft Teams or Google meetings. They will enter meetings directly, automatically bypassing the lobby page used for guest participants, who require an internal user to admit them into the meeting.

Additional Features:

  • Pexip Virtual Meeting Room (VMR): Enable any device to join meetings held in a dedicated video meeting room.

  • Pexip One-Touch Join: Join any type of video meeting with the push of a button.

  • Domain hosting: Match your organization's video calling domains to your company email for familiar dialing addresses.


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