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Should you meet through Pexip or Zoom?

Should you meet through Pexip or Zoom?

It has never been more critical for companies to keep their teams connected, wherever they are. For years now, companies have been preparing for the transformation of the workplace, waiting for remote teams to become more common. Now, we’re heading into a future where working from home is a more likely reality. That means that businesses need to bite the bullet and invest in the right tools.

The good news for today’s business leaders is that there are countless options to choose from. Virtually every leading communication company has its own video conferencing tools. Plus, there are solutions dedicated specifically to the video-first company culture.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at Pexip and Zoom for your conferencing experiences. Here’s what you need to know about two of the world’s leading tools:

Pexip Features

Pexip’s online meeting solution offers today’s companies a convenient and compliant way to re-imagine face-to-face conversations in the virtual world. One of the most compelling things about Pexip’s technology, is that it puts data security and privacy first. Enterprise-grade video conferencing technology combines with exceptional standards of information security to give you the peace of mind that you need. These reliable, high-performing video experiences mean that companies get the right results, every time.

Pexip not only provides a secure and convenient way for teams to meet. It also delivers complete interoperability with all your favorite tools, like Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. Features include:

  • Secure, high-performing video meetings

  • Video interoperability with leading tools

  • Enterprise-grade audio and video

  • Flexible cloud-native or self-hosted deployment

  • Excellent security and privacy standards

  • Video-first design with adaptive composition

  • AI technology to improve the quality of meetings

  • Quick and easy access

Rated as the number one video conferencing solutions for large companies, frequent video users, and IT authorities, Pexip is one of the most compelling options on the market. Pexip’s technology means that businesses of all sizes can have video meetings that are as efficient as in-person conversations, without compromising on security.

Zoom Features

Zoom is another market leader in the video conferencing environment. This incredible tool makes it quick and simple for today’s businesses to connect with internal and external employees, using nothing but a link. Similar to Pexip, Zoom puts video at the heart of its strategy, giving employees a simple and convenience face-to-face meeting solution. The video offered by Zoom also comes with extra features like hand-raising facilities and custom backgrounds.

Alongside video, Zoom has also transformed its policies over the years to include more tools, like Zoom Phone and Zoom Chat for VoIP and messaging. You can even build your own conferencing room with dedicated Zoom Rooms technology. Features include:

  • Quick and convenient web-based conversations

  • Zoom Phone VoIP

  • Instant Messaging with Zoom Chat

  • Local service across 17 countries

  • Zoom Rooms meeting spaces

  • Webinars and hand-raising

  • Integrations with various leading tools

  • Updated security and privacy

  • High-quality HD video and custom backgrounds

If you’re searching for a video solution that’s quick and easy for people all over your business landscape to adopt, Zoom is sure to be one of the best solutions. Whether you’re collaborating internally or externally, Zoom has you covered.

Pexip vs Zoom: Experience

To ensure adoption of collaboration tools in this new changing landscape, companies need to ensure that their services are quick and easy to use. Fortunately, both Pexip and Zoom tick all of the right boxes in this regard. Pexip is rated the number one video conferencing solution from people all across the globe, because it puts the needs of users first. Things like adaptive composition with AI ensure that you can always focus on the right people in a video conversation. At the same time, launching meetings is as simple as clicking a button.

Pexip ensures that companies have the right blend of usability and security in their video technology. Zoom also follows this approach, providing quick one-click access to meetings and various immersive tools, like custom backgrounds. Although Zoom has struggled with security issues in the past, the company quickly made a commitment to overcome these problems. Zoom is now embedding stronger security and privacy strategies throughout its portfolio.

Pexip vs Zoom: Integrations

In a world where companies usually have multiple pieces of software and technology to work with at once, interoperability is a crucial consideration. You need to make sure that your tools can work smoothly together, without any unnecessary complexity.

Fortunately, both Zoom and Pexip believe in the power of working well together. Pexip works well with a range of leading tools, including Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, and Google Meet. If you already have an investment in leading collaboration and productivity tools, then you can embed Pexip into your strategy with ease, without having to compromise on any functionality.

Zoom is another highly flexible tool in the collaboration market. The company allows Slack, Microsoft Teams, and users from other environments to access Zoom however they choose. You can even embed Zoom apps into Microsoft Teams or Slack. With the Zoom API, companies with developer knowledge and CPaaS platform can take their integrations with Zoom to the next level. This means that there’s no limit to what you can create if you want to build the perfect collaboration and communication strategy from scratch.

Pexip vs Zoom: The Verdict

So, should you be investing in Pexip, or Zoom?

Your choice will depend on what matters most to you in a collaboration tool. Companies who want to make sure that they put security and privacy first for their collaborative experiences may prefer Pexip. The company’s approach to enterprise-grade compliance and high quality meetings is amazing.

On the other hand, Zoom could be a leading choice if you want a convenient way to add video calling and chat to your tech stack without a lot of extra investment. You can easily get started with a video call to internal or external collaborators with just a link.


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