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Pexip for Google Hangouts Meet

Kathea: Pexip for Google Hangouts Meet

The Pexip Google Hangouts Meet interoperability solution allows third-party video conferencing devices and systems to natively join Meet calls. It extends the use of Meet across organizations that have multiple video meeting solutions from vendors such as Cisco and Polycom, or even Skype for Business.

Pexip Video Interoperability Is Perfect For Organizations That:

  • Use Google G Suite and Hangouts Meet as their productivity and collaboration platforms

  • Have mixed communication environments that need to connect to Hangouts Meet

  • Have standards-based video conferencing environments from vendors such as Poly, Yealink, Logitech and others, and want to use these systems to join Meet meetings

  • Are migrating from Microsoft Skype for Business to Meet, and need the two to work with each other

  • Have partners or customers who want to join meetings from Skype for Business, or other video meeting solutions


Created for Google Hangouts Meet

Video interoperability for Google Hangouts Meet is here. Developed by Pexip in close partnership with Google. So you can use Meet to collaborate with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Made for Enterprise - perfect for SMB

Pexip is available both as a dedicated enterprise application and as a service. It is designed to meet the requirements of any company with regards to user experience, security, manageability, and reliability.

Easy to use and manage

Pexip natively integrates with the Meet workflow and all users benefit from their familiar experience, regardless of how they join meetings. And IT can easily manage it all in a single view.

Native integration

With Pexip video interoperability for Hangouts Meet you natively enable traditional video conferencing systems and leading video capable clients to join Hangouts Meet calls.

Share, collaborate, create, and produce

You can natively share your screen and content between everyone with ease. From Meet to video conferencing and other collaboration solutions. To and from anyone.

Reduce cost and use what you have

Sure, it sounds like a broken record. But use your existing video conferencing endpoints. Don’t replace. Just add more. With Pexip you integrate Meet with what you already have. Simply.


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