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Plantronics Manager Pro: Maximise the Value of your Headset Investment

Professional-grade headsets play a key role in businesses today, allowing employees to connect and collaborate anytime, anywhere. For users, the ideal headset is something they barely notice, until it isn’t working optimally. Plantronics Manager Pro is an analytics and change management solution for IT to manage and drive the communication experience, centrally.

What Plantronics Manager Pro?

Any Device

Manage headsets connected to computers or mobile devices


Instant remote device change management from the browser

Simple to use

Browser interface makes it easy to manage from anywhere


View telemetry data from supported Plantronics headsets for deeper insights


Monitor and drive adoption of communications platforms

Plantronics APIs

Access your data for inclusion into existing applications

What is your area of focus?


Whether you are adopting UC or already using it see how Plantronics Manager Pro can help manage the audio endpoints.

Contact Centre

See how Plantronics Manager Pro can help increase agent performance as well as manage the audio endpoints.

Solution Providers

See how the Plantronics APIs can help you attract new customers, strengthen existing relationships and boost revenue.

The Right Way To Deploy

Choose Plantronics Manager Pro Onboarding and Adoption Service - the professional service that provides in-depth guidance. Up to four hours of knowledge transfer. And monthly check-ins over a three-month period. Schedule your Plantronics Manager Pro Get Connected Service that’s included to see the basics and learn how to get set up for success. With these services you’ll be a hero in no time, steering your organization toward 100% headset adoption.

Technical Resources


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