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Poly Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows

Poly Studio Room Kits for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows deliver a simple, clutter free user experience with brilliant video and audio features for focus rooms all the way up to large boardrooms. All-in-one video bars free up the conference table surface especially in smaller rooms, while the tabletop touch controller connects to the dedicated collaboration PC securely stowed in the cabinet or on the wall with a single cable.

Poly A.I.-driven technologies such as Poly DirectorAI equalizes physical distances in the meeting room and ensures that everyone in the room is seen clearly with automatic camera framing technology. Audio innovations such as Poly NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technology ensure that distracting noises inside and outside the room are intelligently blocked out, so your voice will be heard clearly every time.

Transform any room into a high-impact collaboration space with Poly Studio Room Kits for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows.

Flexibility, versatility, and sheer quality: that’s what Poly delivers with our solutions for Microsoft Teams Rooms. Available in focus, small, medium, and large configurations, each of these all-in-one systems comes fully equipped with a Poly conference camera with Poly MeetingAI technologies, a collaboration PC with a PC mount kit, and an easy touch controller

Focus Room

Number of people in room : Typically 1-2

Poly Studio P15 all-in-one compact video bar with group framing and powerful audio.

  • 4K resolution for sharp, crisp images.

  • Integrated privacy shutter.

  • Powerful integrated speaker and multi-microphone array.

Small/ Huddle Room or Medium Room

Number of people in room : Typically 3-6 (Single Display) or 6-10 (Dual Display)

Poly Studio all-in-one video bar for clean cabling, intelligent camera framing and powerful audio.

  • Acoustic Fence keeps voices outside the room from interrupting your calls

  • Up to 4.5m/15 ft microphone pickup range.

  • Smart-camera experiences are built in—no drivers or software needed.

Large Room

Number of people in room : Typically 10+

Poly Studio E70 smart camera for large meeting rooms.

  • Dual lenses with 4K+ sensors and AI-driven camera array.

  • Smoothly transition between a wide angle and narrow lens.

  • Camera framing supported up to 25 ft/7.62 m.



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