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Introducing Microsoft Teams Rooms

Yealink VC800 Video Conferencing System: Designed for Better Collaboration

Two years ago, Microsoft introduced the next generation of Skype Room Systems, a center of room control with one-touch join, to add the best audio and video to your meetings. They started with one hardware partner and now work with six leading device manufacturers - including AudioCodes, Crestron, HP, Jabra, Lenovo, Logitech, Poly, Plantronics, Sennheiser, Yamaha and Yealink - to deliver the best quality experiences for both Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams meetings.

To date, customers have conducted more than 130 million minutes of meetings through Skype Room Systems. In light of this momentum, and to mark Microsoft's commitment to making Teams a complete meetings and calling solution, thy are rebranding Skype Room Systems as Microsoft Teams Rooms.

This rebranding signifies the continued delivery of features being built to enhance Teams meetings experiences. Their goal is to extend Teams meetings into every space from small huddle rooms to large conference rooms.

Microsoft has recently announced and delivered several capabilities that enhance the Teams Meetings experience in meeting rooms:

  • Proximity detection, makes it easy to discover and add nearby, available Microsoft Teams Rooms to any meeting.

  • Companion experiences with mobile, to join your devices in content-only mode.

  • Support for dual screen rooms. And it’s important to note that Microsoft Teams Rooms still work with Skype for Business calls and meetings.

Microsoft Teams Meetings

Meetings Simplified

Meetings are easy to schedule, simply use Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Teams to invite your conference rooms to a meeting just as easily as inviting your colleagues.

One Touch-Join

Instantly start your meeting from the center of the room control with one touch.

Add Nearby Meeting Rooms

Microsoft has recently delivered Proximity detection feature to boost Teams meetings experience in Meeting rooms. Proximity join will help you discover and add nearby, available Microsoft Teams Rooms to any meeting. It is also possible to simply accept the incoming meeting right on the console of the room.

On your PC the pre-join screen of your meeting will highlight that an Teams Room is nearby. On your Team's mobile client you can add the room to your meeting and find nearby rooms quickly.

Microsoft Teams: Meeting Rooms

Inside the meeting room, the front of the room display and console will show that you are trying to add the room, and simply accept the incoming invitation on the console to bring the room into the meeting.

Microsoft Teams will automatically join the meeting in content-only mode from your desktop, allowing the room to provide audio and video into the meeting without echo and feedback generated by the other clients in the room.  Also your mobile client will switch to content-only mode after adding the room.

If the Microsoft Teams Room is already in the meeting and you like join from your devices as well, Teams now detects this and recommends to join the meeting with audio off as well.

Learn more about how Microsoft has deployed Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Rooms internally to more than 2,400 meeting rooms around the globe and how Microsoft is using the integrated meeting solution to reshape the collaborative environment into a simple, consistent, and reliable experience for thousands of employees.

Additionally in our phones business, we recently added our first native Teams Phones from Yealink, the T56A, T58A, and CP960.  These desk and conference room phones all have a touch screen and existing customers can now instantly upgrade to Teams as they migrate their platform.    

Look for more exciting announcements from our partners at Integrated Systems Europe in February, and please visit to learn more about our portfolio of Teams certified devices.


- Contact Kathea for more information and pricing on our Microsoft Teams Solutions!

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