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Poly TC10 is Now Certified as a Microsoft Teams Panel

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Poly knows you have been waiting, and they're excited to announce that the Poly TC10 is now available as a Microsoft Teams panel. Earlier this year, Poly started shipping software that enabled Poly Tc10 to be used as an in-room touch contrller for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android(MTRoA). Now you can also install Poly Tc10 outside the meeting room as a Microsoft Teams panel to view open collaboration spaces and reserve available meeting rooms on the spot.

Solutions that make hybrid work, work!

With employees spending more time in the office, there is an increasing demand for solutions that enable space optimization and automation. Frost & Sullivan found that 77% of IT decision makers worldwide consider scheduling panels a top investment priority; while 81% of IT managers claim touch controllers simplify user experience in the meeting room. What is clear is that the world of work has changed, and there is a whole new level of focus places on technologies that upgrade employee experience in the office. HP l Poly is committed on providing innovative solutions that transform workspaces from great to phenomenal, and the Poly TC10 is a solution that delivers on this mission, both inside and outside of the meeting room.

Upgrade Microsoft Meetings Rooms with Poly TC10

If you are a Microsoft shop and deploy Microsoft Teams in your meeting rooms, you can add the Poly TC10 as a MTRoA touch controller to manage all of you Microsoft Teams calls. When paired to any of our Poly video systems, users can seamlessly join video calls, share content, and control the room directly from the 10.1" touch panel. It is easy to deploy and comes with flexible set up options, including a unique tabletop stand that tilts the screen to two viewing angles.

The Poly TC10 can also now be deployed as a Microsoft Teams panel outside any collaboration space to book meeting rooms. Suitable for all environments, the Poly TC10 can be mounted on dry or glass wall and features multicolor LED lights that indicate room availability from a distance. To get your Poly TC10 up and running as a Microsoft Teams panel, all you need is a Microsoft Teams Pro license or a Teams Shared Device license. For rooms with an existing Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro license, you can pair your Poly TC10 to the same license account at no additional cost. For meeting rooms without a Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro license, users can purchase a Teams Shared Device license directly from Microsoft.

Software Requirements and Availability

As a controller for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android (MTRoA), the Poly TC10 requires the Poly OS 4.1 software or higher, which can be downloaded via Poly Lens or the Poly Support site. To deploy as a Microsoft Teams panel, select the Poly TC 5.0 software update that will prompt directly on the touch panel during set up.

Poly TC10 is available today both as a MTRoA controller and Microsoft Teams panel.

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Article by: Gabriela Martinez


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