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Poly Voyager Free 60 Series - True Wireless Earbuds for Work and Life

Poly Adds Camera Input Capabilities with Video OS Update 3.2

Voyager Free 60 Series is a hybrid work solution to meet every moment. With ANC and a three-mic array to isolate your voice, you’re confident both sides of the call are crystal clear. And the touchscreen charge case (Voyager Free 60+ UC) doesn’t just go the distance — it gives you control at your fingertips, so you can connect instantly with your team, playlists, podcasts, and even inflight entertainment. Your IT department will also approve because they are certified to work with the latest meeting platforms including Microsoft Teams and Zoom, and they can be centrally managed from anywhere in the world.

Lift Your Voice. Lose The Noise.

Advanced Mic Design and Audio Processing Technologies

With a three-mic array in each earbud triangulating on your voice and minimizing the surrounding noise, you’re loud and clear wherever you take your calls. And with WindSmart technology, you can breeze through conversations as you move through your day without interruption.

Tune In. Tune Out

Superior Noise Canceling for Uninterrupted Listening

Whether it’s a crowded cafe or bustling commute, forget the commotion around you. The adaptive hybrid ANC automatically adjusts to your wearing style and cancels out just the right amount of noise for a quiet and comfortable experience. And with two-setting transparency mode, you can tune back into your natural surroundings without taking out your buds.

Take Control with a Glance and a Touch

Status and Audio Controls at your Fingertips

With the Voyager Free 60+ UC you can mute calls, adjust volume, connect to external sources, and switch devices without dropping a call or what you’re doing. The touchscreen case puts the information you need, and the ability to quickly do something about it in your hands, thanks to its color touch display and intuitive icons. The fast charging gives you an extra hour of talk time for every 15 minutes and will fully recharge your buds two times for up to 16.5 hours of active call use.

Hits all the Right Notes

Immersive Stereo Sound

Go from work to playlists without missing a beat. The hi-fi sound and 10mm speaker drivers transform your buds into a portable stereo. So you can stream your music, shows, podcasts, and games when you need a break.

Won't Wear Out Its Welcome

Comfort, Comfort, Comfort

Seamlessly switch from your 9–5 to your 5–9—and back again—without missing a beat thanks to the comfort-centric design of the Voyager Free 60 earbuds. Discreet and lightweight these 5.8 g wireless earbuds come with three conical-shaped earbud tip sizes engineered to minimize pressure in the ear while also providing ideal audio isolation. The advanced sidetone technology keeps you aware of how loud you are speaking so you aren’t straining your voice.

Engineered for Enterprise Use

IT Approved

Built for hybrid work means just that. The Voyager Free 60 UC Series comes with Poly Lens Desktop, iPhone and Android apps so users and IT can customize the experience. And because they were optimized for use with communications platforms and have certifications from the leading virtual meeting providers, they will deliver the highest standard of audio quality on their platforms. Using the Lens Cloud management software, IT can also proactively provision and manage their entire deployment of Poly headsets and gain insights and analytics on the health of the entire estate.



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