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Poly VVX Series: Desk Phones that mean Business

Kathea: Poly Introduces New Voyager 4200 and Voyager 5200 Office Series for Microsoft Teams

Did you hear that? Your teams did. They’ll catch every word—on Poly's industry-leading VoIP phones. Easy to set up, easy to use, and optimized to run on over 60 current and emerging IP and UC Cloud platforms, they also pack excellent sound quality and propriety technologies that others can’t match. Stay ahead of the telecommunications curve, continuously  refining and adding new features to make sure your favorite phones are always Poly phones.

VVX 601

Premium Touch screen Desk Phone

Fact: the biggest asset busy managers have is time. This ultimate executive IP phone was built to use as efficiently as possible. It’s a snap to learn all the smart features in the sleek design of the VVX 601. Add a video conference, integrate Bluetooth or expand applications easily. And when it comes to deploying and administration, IT will get some time back, too.

Kathea: Voyager 4200 Office and UC Series
  • Maximize productivity for executives and managers

  • Count on clear, interruption-free conversations

  • Reduce training with simple yet powerful features

VVX 501

12- Line Touch screen Desk Phone

Sophisticated. Sleek. Simple. The VVX 501 is a multi-tasker extraordinaire for today’s busy professionals, with crystal-clear conversation quality that keeps you organized with an efficient, personalized interface. IT will give it high marks for easy deployment and training, lower back-end costs and future-ready expandability.

Kathea: Voyager 4200 Office and UC Series
  • Maximize productivity with all-in-one design

  • Cut learning curve for simple yet powerful features

  • Reduce effort to deploy, administer and maintain

VVX 450

12- Line Color IP Desk Phone

When you want the best small business phone system for your money, the VVX 450 is full of good surprises. From office workers to execs, handle high volume calls in a snap with the sleek, easy-to-use, color display—and be confident conversations will always sound great. Set up and integration are a breeze. The only worry you’ll have is keeping up with the demand for this phone.

Kathea: Voyager 4200 Office and UC Series
  • Up-level calls to crystal-clear conversations

  • Boost productivity with intuitive, visual features

  • Save time and money with easy set up and training

VVX 401/411

12- Line VoIP Business Phone

Step up your work game with this expandable, color business phone. The VVX 401/411 is the ideal fit for office workers, call attendants and teams that need 100% reliability on calls but want smart visual features for everything they do most–and with a fast learning curve. IT will love easy set up, and low costs to deploy and maintain.

Kathea: Voyager 4200 Office and UC Series
  • Boost productivity with large, easy-to-use display

  • Count on clear, interruption-free conversations

  • Cut deployment and maintenance costs

VVX 350

6- Line, Mid-Range IP Desk Phone

Welcome to the big leagues with this high quality, color, six-line phone system that gets the job done—and then some. For high-volume call environments that demand reliability, the VVX350 won’t let you down. Plus, easily get to all the phone features you use most. And count on hassle-free deployment, set up and training

Kathea: Voyager 4200 Office and UC Series
  • Improve call quality with the industry’s best audio

  • Access common phone features quickly

  • Deploy easily for small to medium sized businesses

VVX 301/311

Powerful 6-Line Phone System

In a call center or cube setting, you need to find the best quality, interruption-free small business phone system. One that's reliable 24/7 and packed with great features. And hassle-free deployment and maintenance. That’s the mighty yet affordable VVX 301/311. When you choose this phone, you might just end up the office hero.

Kathea: Voyager 4200 Office and UC Series
  • Improve call quality with crystal-clear sound

  • Increase productivity with easy-to-use features

  • Deploy easily for small-to-medium businesses

VVX 250

4-Line IP Desk Phone

Extraordinary sound is standard on the anything-but-ordinary VVX 250 multi-line phone system. You’ll appreciate all the built-in smart features on non-stop call days, but equally love the stylish looks and color display. It’s a win-win for today’s office and cubicle environments

Kathea: Voyager 4200 Office and UC Series
  • Enhance sound quality of conversations

  • Access features fast in a modern design

  • Customize for a variety of office settings

VVX 201

Entry- Level, 2-Line IP Phone

Tick tock. Your small business phone system needs to be ready when you are. That means easy setup, perfectly clear conversations, and features that are a cinch to use. Whether it’s a call center, store, or common work area, the VVX 201 has you covered.

Kathea: Voyager 4200 Office and UC Series
  • Move to HD sound quality without the high price

  • Optimize set up for small and medium businesses

  • Shift to easy phone configuration and training

VVX 150

2-Line IP Desk Phone

Whether it’s a home office or a common workspace, you want a reliable, affordable small business phone system with great sound and looks— but you don’t want to break the bank. Why choose? Enjoy super clear conversations on a two-line phone that’s affordable, easy to set up and everyone can use.

Kathea: Voyager 4200 Office and UC Series
  • Count on easy set up and smart business features

  • Shift to clear, enterprise-grade call quality

  • Improve work spaces needing simple connectivity

VVX 101

Single Line VoIP Phone

You need to pick well for a one-line phone. It’s got to be reliable yet affordable. Conversations must be clear as a bell.  People can learn features quickly. Bonus points for stylish. The high achieving VVX 101 ticks all the checkmarks for your home office or common areas. It’s one and done with this phone.

Kathea: Voyager 4200 Office and UC Series
  • Uplevel expectations of the simple desk phone

  • Count on clear, noise-free conversations

  • Optimize calls in the office and common areas


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