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Poly & Zoom Partner To Support Hybrid Workforces With Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery

Poly Adds Camera Input Capabilities with Video OS Update 3.2

Nobody wants to feel left out during a meeting. As IT leaders adapt their collaboration strategies to support the hybrid workforce, the key to success is ensuring all meeting participants are on equal footing, no matter where they dial-in from. Without the right collaboration tools on both ends of the call, remote participants can begin to feel isolated from the conversation happening in the conference room, leading to reduced engagement and impacting overall productivity.

Poly and Zoom are at the cutting edge of empowering a new way of working by delivering the next generation of hardware and software features that create meeting equality for distributed teams.

Introducing the Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery feature is a great example of innovation designed to democratize meetings by giving remote participants a more optimal view of people in Zoom Rooms. The AI technology takes a single camera view of multiple participants in a Zoom Room and divides it up, giving each participant their own square in Zoom Meetings. When combined with Poly Studio X video bars, Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery ensures all participants – especially those who are working remote— are more empowered to speak, interact and share their best ideas with confidence.

Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery Public Beta was released by Zoom recently and will be coming to Poly Studio X series this July. Check out this simulation video showcasing the Smart Gallery Experience:

Poly is committed to providing the best video-led experiences which makes our partnership with Zoom the perfect pairing. Our cutting-edge AI innovations including group framing, speaker tracking, and conversation mode serve as a great foundation for Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery to build on. I look forward to testing the next AI innovation Poly and Zoom engineer that will take group video conferencing to new heights. The possibilities are endless.


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