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SenzoLive - Using Data Analytics to Utilize Office Space

Ahead of CFO Rising West, SenzoLive global sales director Eduard Moix discusses the benefits of using cloud technology and data analytics for workspace and real estate occupancy.

Finnish company SenzoLive utilizes real-time data to provide its clients with data insights on optimization and efficiency within workplaces. Innovation Enterprise spoke to SenzoLive global sales director Eduard Moix at CFO Rising Europe to find out how the company leverages data assets to tap into data-driven occupancy data in order to optimize workspace and real estate occupancy.

Innovation Enterprise: How do you define data analytics and its importance?

Eduard Moix: Today's technology allows us to collect powerful information from a much larger set of data inputs assisting us to make faster, educated decisions – this is what I call data analytics. This is really important for businesses as it allows them to allocate resources that were previously focused on data entry and data reconciliation to allow for tasks to be dedicated to the analysis of the data and support decision-making.

Innovation Enterprise: What do you think the need is for a service such as SenzoLive in today's data-driven world?

Eduard Moix: SenzoLive operates in the realm of real estate occupancy. There is often a gap between perception and reality, or in some instances a lack of visibility on how and when the office space is used. Providing accurate data helps real estate and finance teams in understanding how their office space is being utilized. Having good insights into real estate occupancy efficiency is critical to ensure correct allocation of funds and resources.

Innovation Enterprise: What industries has SenzoLive been integrated within? What results have you experienced?

Eduard Moix: We have been involved in multiple industries from banking, professional consulting services, IT, real estate developers and retail. Having access to accurate data has helped our clients make informed decisions with tangible results such as financial savings or an increase in employee productivity. One of our latest success stories is an IT company based in South Africa who after using our solution for a year has implemented changes and optimized their workspace, resulting in a $1.5m savings on real estate costs on an annual basis from next year.

Innovation Enterprise: What is the importance of harnessing and leveraging big data and cloud-based technology?

Eduard Moix: By using big data and cloud-based technology it offers us the opportunity to access extensive, multiple data points and start a network of IoT that offers several benefits from an efficiency point of view. At the same time, using the cloud allows our users to access their data efficiently and seamlessly from anywhere, at any time.

Innovation Enterprise: How does SenzoLive ensure clients data security?

Eduard Moix: Data protection and security is at the heart of our solution – all the data that goes into our cloud is anonymous. Additionally, this data gets encrypted and broken down to small bits of information that on its own doesn’t have any value or can’t be understood. With these and other measures, we ensure our client’s data is permanently secure.

Article By: Simorin Pinto - Innovation Enterprise Channels



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