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Top 10 reasons to upgrade your conference phone

Polycom Trio™

Conference phones reimagined

Marrying our legendary voice quality, modern intuitive interface and the

broadest interoperability in its class, Polycom Trio makes deployment

and usability simple.

Future-proof options for video and content ensure the freedom to

expand collaboration on leading unified communication platforms, today

and tomorrow.

Reason #10

Everyone you talk to sounds like the order taker at a fast-food drive through. Polycom Trio boasts the best audio of any conference phone with full wideband HD voice, an

integrated bass reflex port for rich, room-filling and patented Polycom NoiseBlock™ for automatically muting extraneous background noises like keyboard tapping sounds.

Reason #9

Your boss has never forgiven you for mistakenly ending that important client call when you accidentally hung up instead of putting them on mute. Polycom Trio includes many thoughtful touches, like illuminated mute buttons on each of its three legs that make it the easiest conference phone to use – yes, it can even save you from yourself. The mute button is nowhere near the hangup button.

Reason #8

The world is better in color. Polycom Trio sports a full-color 5-inch touchscreen interface that is as intuitive as your favorite smartphone.

Reason #7

You have better things to do in the first five minutes of a meeting than to spend it figuring out how to join the meeting. Polycom Trio integrates with your calendar with

a one-touch join that is fast and easy.

Reason #6

Bring Your Own Device–enough said! Polycom Trio is friendly to your personal devices. Pair wirelessly for mobile phone and soft-client audio calling.

Reason #5

You use Skype for Business or Office 365. Polycom Trio is the first and only certified conference phone for Skype for Business and Office 365 Cloud PBX. It offers a Skype for

Business interface and Microsoft Exchange calendaring integration.

Reason #4

Affordability, anyone? Polycom Trio gives you affordable enterprise-grade collaboration for voice, content sharing and video that is all inclusive and won’t break the bank.

Reason #3

Your huddle rooms are used a lot. Polycom Trio lets you transform your plain huddle spaces into full voice, content and video collaboration rooms, at a great price.

Reason #2

Your IT department needs to deploy business tools that work for everyone and won’t give them headaches. Polycom Trio is quick to deploy, provision and manage with RealPresence Resource Manager and will integrate with your existing call platform. Not sure if your platform will change? No problem. Polycom Trio supports hybrid call platforms. Since Trio is simple to use, that means less support calls!

Reason #1

Polycom Trio is so much more than a conference phone. It makes audio calls, video calls AND shares content. Okay, well that’s three reasons–after all–it is called Polycom Trio!

Your current conference phone is just, well, a phone.

For the past 25 Years, Polycom has set the standard for conferencing and it’s our mission to deliver solutions to make work easier for the next 25 years. Check out the Polycom Trio Family of solutions today.



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