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Top 5 Questions for Poly G7500 End-User Success

1. What types of technology does your organization currently use for video conferencing and content sharing in your meeting rooms?

How do you users do something as simple as sharing their content local in the room? Do you have a different device for video conferencing? What if you could have one device that could do both?

2. How do you currently manage conference room devices?

Do you manage them at all? Do you have to go room to room for software upgrades? Do you know what room utilization is? G7500 can be managed through RealPresence Resource Manager. The EagleEye Cube USB camera is also capable of participant counting so you can track room utilization.

3. Are you looking to decrease the amount of training end-users need for technology in the conference room?

Do users have a good understanding of the technology in the room? What are your top trouble ticket issues relating to conference rooms? Would combining content sharing,

whiteboarding and video conferencing into one single user interface help?

4. Do you currently have installed rooms with Crestron or other control systems or older Polycom gear?

Do you have older Polycom ceiling or table top microphones installed? Would it be helpful if you did not have to do a rip and replace? If you could bring in a new solution to

take advantage of your Crestron programming, would that be helpful?

5. Would not having to run cables on or under the floor be helpful?

If using video conferencing today, how do you cable the microphones? What do you think about powering the mics via POE?

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