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Top 5 Reasons to Add Polycom Pano to your Video Conferencing System

1. Increase ROI

Conference rooms become collaboration rooms even when video conferencing gear not being used. Video equipment in your conference room is not used for every meeting. However, add easy-to-use content collaboration and the other technology in the room will be utilized more often. Using the equipment more will speed-up ROI.

2. Enhance the content sharing experience

Add whiteboarding, ideation and sharing of full motion content from your own device. Sharing content with Group Series is possible in many ways, but when you introduce a Pano into the mix, sharing content becomes exponentially better.

3. Easy to manage and administer

Pano is manageable from Polycom RealPresence Resource Manager or built-in web portal. If Polycom management solution is installed in your network, Pano can also be managed through the same interface.

4. Start and show content to conference

Integration with Polycom Group Series allows for instant sharing. Pano can “pair” with a Group Series allowing for instant collaboration when a user begins to share. There are no remote control commands needed to initiate the sending of content.

5. Supercharge content sharing with all video systems

Compatible with other video systems through the use of HDMI port. The powerful features of Pano become a simple add-on for your competitive video equipment such as Cisco, LifeSize or Logitech.

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