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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Polycom Pano for Sharing Content

1. No need for one person to "run" the meeting

Users can use their own devices where they created their content to share to Pano and the room.

2. See multiple windows of content at once

Up to 4 full frame-rate video 1080p streams can be simultaneous shared on screen at one time for a complete 4k video experience.

3. Users do not need to be tethered to Pano

Unlike the competition, Pano can be 100% wireless in operation allowing users to share through Airplay, Miracast and the Pano App. For users and organizations that prefer to have an HDMI cable in their workflow, they can with the HDMI input.

4. Content is shared securely

Secure and safe from the conference room throughout the network. Pano supports numerous network security protocols (Certificate Mgt., TLS Version Control, AES Encryption and more).

5. Use existing monitors or upgrade to touch screens

Pano is a power content sharing device on non-touch screens allowing for various content streams to be shared, but add a touch screen and it becomes a collaboration hub.

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