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What Does it Take to Secure your Most Critical Video Meetings?

Today, video meetings are part of everyday operations at millions of organizations around

the world. Hybrid and remote meetings are convenient, time- and cost-saving, and have been a gateway to the new “hybrid workforce."

All of these benefits are great - but not all meetings are equal, and different organizations, groups within organizations, and even individual meetings can have different needs.

For many organizations, especially those in the government, healthcare, and financial sectors, video meetings are a space where sensitive or even classified information is shared. In cases like these, the way their collaboration technology provider enables privacy, security, and business continuity isn’t a bonus, but a critical necessity.

In these types of meetings, there is no room for error. Call data cannot be leaked, meeting room security cannot be breached, and real-time connections cannot be lost.

What if an unauthorized person enters the virtual meeting room? Or a network disruption or national disaster causes the meeting to end unexpectedly? Or a cyber attack leads to a massive security breach? All of these are real threats that need to be considered with constant urgency when choosing a video conferencing provider.

So, What are the Questions your Organization should be asking?

1. What does it take to ensure we are protected from cyber attacks and security failures?

Cyber attacks are on the rise, putting confidential data, information, critical services, infrastructure, and processes at risk. Being confident in your meeting solution means being able to focus on the important tasks at hand without worrying about data breaches or security failures.

No matter the size or location of your organization, Pexip can be configured to meet the internal security requirements of your organization. Thanks to the flexible architecture and deployment possibilities, your organization maintains control of all Call Detail Records (CDR) data, and meeting details and patterns are never exposed to third parties, making it easy to comply with any regional data storage and transit requirements.

2. Do we have a plan in place for if our primary communication tool becomes compromised?

Due to the importance of video collaboration today, it’s essential for organizations to have a business continuity plan in place. This means being prepared in case of disruptions in the service of their communication tools, or if internet and mobile network connections fail. Pexip can be deployed in ways that make it significantly less vulnerable than other third-party solutions. The solution can be hosted on-premises and be configured to operate without an internet connection. Hosting on-premises ensures your organization will be able to communicate if a primary solution fails or if communication is lost due to network outages, natural or political disasters, or digital attacks.

Pexip’s platform can run in idle mode with a small number of ports and automatically scale up on demand if needed. Existing video endpoints can be registered on the solution to become available if needed as part of a business continuity plan.

3. How can we ensure our solution can adapt to sudden changes in demand?

Organizations with critical meeting requirements also need the flexibility to meet unexpected demands. Pexip is simple to deploy, and administrators can manage global capacity from a single management interface.

When unforeseen events or changes arise, additional capacity can be added in minutes through our management tool. Pexip software can be hosted on-premise, in your preferred cloud solution, a private cloud, or a hybrid combination, making it both flexible and secure.

The world is becoming more globalized at the same time as virtual meetings have become the norm. Organizations with the most stringent security and continuity requirements need a military-grade video conferencing solution that’s designed to support - and withstand - their most critical demands.


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