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Which of these 7 work types are you?

Warrior or communicator, Poly has a Google voice-certified solution for you.

Earlier this year, Poly announced that the VVX x50 OBi Edition desktop phones are the first certified desk phones to work with Google Voice for G Suite, the new cloud-based business telephony service built for G Suite customers of all sizes. VVX x50s OBi phones provide legendary audio experience with HD voice and acoustic fence technologies, and are easy to deploy, provision and manage in the G Suite Admin Console with just a few clicks for admins that makes the phone plug-and-play.

To complete the UC experience, we’re excited to announce that select Poly headsets are now certified to keep you at your most productive with Google Voice. So, which mix of solutions are ideal for you? Depends on how (and where) you work!

Like fingerprints, every workstyle is unique. Through extensive global research, we found 7 key workstyles make up 91% of businesses today. We’ve analyzed these different workstyles and fixated on developing technology that make the most of each. You’ll see that we have the ideal mix of headset, phone, and speakerphones ready for Google Voice, tailored to each workstyle:

1. Office Communicator

If you’re in the office at your desk 100% of the time, working in the “traditional” office setup with a desktop phone, you’re the Office Communicator. The VVX 350 OBi phone and Savi 8220 is the ideal choice for you to enjoy superb voice clarity and all-day comfort for those long conference calls at your desk.

2. Office Collaborator

If you work from your personal desk almost all the time and communicate frequently on both a deskphone and via a softphone through a web application, the VVX 450 desktop phone is ideal for all that collaborating you’re doing. Pair it with the Blackwire 5220 headset. With both 3.5mm plug and USB port, you’ll have flexible connectivity options and comfort for calls and multimedia throughout the day.

3. Office Warrior

Do you go to your office most of the time, but spend only half the time at your desk? The rest of the time, you’re in conference rooms, huddling at someone else’s desk, or brainstorming with colleagues in the hallway. Choosing VVX 350 OBi phone and the versatile Voyager 6200 UC neckband headset, both with ANC technology, will give you the in-office mobility, connectivity to desk phone and mobile or tablet, and distraction-free productivity you need.

4. Remote Worker

For those who work from home or remotely in shared workspaces, clear sound, easy connection to multiple devices and wireless roaming are critical. The Poly  VVX 350 basic IP desk phone is right for you. Add the ObiWiFi5G adaptor to connect the phone wirelessly to your home Wi-Fi network. Use the Savi 8220 for 13 hours of talk time and noise-free collaboration on PC, mobile and desk phone as a stationary solution, or choose the Voyager 5200 UC for better mobility.

5. Flex Worker

You split your time among the office, home, and the car. You’re “always on” and your technology has to keep up. The Voyager 6200 UC is your best friend in all these locations. At your desk, the Poly VVX 250 desk phone will not only keep you focused, but also sounding amazing on your calls.

6. Road Warrior

You’re working outside the office most of the time. Your environment is constantly changing, so you’re used to dealing with surrounding noise and unreliable connections. Your mobile headset reduces background noise and is light and portable—try out the Voyager 5200 UC when you’re on the go.

7. Connected Executive

You go wherever you need to make decisions and solve problems. You’re constantly being interrupted, and you juggle many communications devices. Your tech-savvy self needs the best-in-class active noise canceling Voyager 8200 UC for long business flights. At your desk, the 12-line VVX 450 is perfectly suited for an executive with 4.3” color display, Polycom HD Voice and Acoustic Fence so all your conversations are crystal clear. Pair the phone with the Savi 8220, and you’re unstoppable.

If your business is one of the 5 million businesses using G Suite, Poly has Google Voice-certified solutions, built with best-in-class quality and intuitive experiences, tailored to power your G Suite experience.

Phones Certified for Google Voice for G Suite

Headsets Certified for Google Voice for G Suite

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