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Why Mobile Security Matters More Than Ever

Why Mobile Security Matters More Than Ever

1. More is at Stake

Mobile is the new engine for business growth, providing a powerful foundation for companies to optimize new and emerging technologies that are paving the way to digital transformation, including AI and IoT. It’s why more than ever, effective mobile security is needed to protect your investments and promote better outcomes for your organization.

Growth is the #1 business priority for today's CIOs.

IT Investments are increasing by 2-5% globally, as more companies turn to mobile and other transformative technologies to propel growth.

2. More is at Risk

By 2021, researchers predict cybercrime damages will cost the world $6 trillion annually. As cyber criminals continue to step up their attacks on mobile devices, more robust and proactive mobile security measures are needed to protect your company and combat these growing threats.

Companies spend 3x as much time remedying a mobile security breach than they could have spent to prevent it.

In a recent study, some 20% of participating companies reported their mobile devices have been breached.

3. More Vulnerabilities at Every Turn

Mobile security risks aren’t confined to mobile devices alone. They can stem from a variety of vulnerabilities that extend from the Internet to your corporate network, to the growing array of apps and interfaces your employees use every day on their devices.

Network Threats

Corporate mobile devices use Wi-Fi almost 3 times more than cellular networks, and nearly 25% have connected to open, potentially insecure Wi-Fi networks. Researchers predict that by 2021, 27% of corporate data traffc will bypass perimeter security and flow directly from mobile and portable devices to the cloud.

App-Based Threats

79% of companies use more than 10 apps for business, yet less than 1/3 of organizations allocate sucient resources to protect against mobile security threats. Only 20-30% of mobile and IoT apps are currently tested for vulnerabilities.


More than 57% of all Internet traffic comes from mobile devices, prompting attackers to focus on mobile employees and the various communications apps and sites they use. Some 48% of phishing attacks take place on mobile devices, and users are 3 times more likely to bite than desktop users.

Device Level

In a recent study, 35% of professionals report their work devices had no mandated measures in place to secure accessible corporate data. Nearly 50% said they had no password, PIN, or biometric security guarding their devices — and over 60% said they didn't use encryption.

What More Can You Do To Fortify Mobile Device Security?

Every company using mobility solutions must consider the security implications. The following best practices can help you fortify security against multiple risks and vulnerabilities.

1. Secure Your Network

  • Lock down wiring closets and secure access points to prevent hackers from resetting and initiating unsecure default settings.

  • Know what devices are connecting to your corporate network and what exposure they have to the open Internet.

  • Monitor access points and provide users with secure ways to access apps and transfer files so they don’t resort to unsafe workarounds.

2. Combat App-Based Threats

  • Use mobile app management software to inspect and keep enterprise apps free of malware and privacy risks.

  • Implement IT governance protections and policies, including single sign-on, app usage and analytics, data wiping, app-level VPN, copy/paste disable, jailbreak detection, etc.

  • Strengthen app oversight and controls by distributing apps via enterprise app stores.

3. Minimize Web-Based Tasks

  • Inspect and analyze web traffc and deploy a web filter to block malicious websites.

  • Keep all systems current with the latest security patches and updates and educate employees on their role in maintaining these protections.

  • Install an antivirus solution, schedule signature updates, and monitor the antivirus status on all equipment.

4. Compare Devices and Choose Wisely

  • Recognize that not all devices are created equal when it comes to mobile security.

  • Take time to compare and contrast the latest security features of enterprise mobile devices, including the industry-leading protections introduced in Android 8.0.

  • Protect your users and data against new and evolving attacks by enforcing security updates and other device compliance measures.

5. Choose the Right Partner

  • Choose a mobile solution provider with the expertise, comprehensive services and established partner ecosystem to help you create a strong, coordinated, multi-layer defense across all potential mobile security vulnerabilities.

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