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Yealink MVC Series Video Solutions for Microsoft Teams

Yealink MVC Series Video Solutions for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Seamless Teams Meeting Experience

The Yealink MVC series video solutions are designed for immersive Microsoft Teams meetings in various sizes meeting rooms, which is a bundle video solution that includes everything you need to seamlessly and smartly meet, connect and collaborate with internal and external users.

The MVC series delivers premium audio and video quality thanks to its Yealink audio devices and UVC series of cameras. Featuring Yealink HD audio and Noise Proof technology, everyone’s voice in the room can be heard clearly. In addition, the complete solution provides users with a flexible deployment that adapts to specific room layouts, giving organizations a native and easy Microsoft Teams Rooms meeting experience.

Yealink MVC Series Video Solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms: Seamless Teams Meeting Experience

Easy to Start and Manage Meetings

The meeting console’s eight-inch touch-control display features multiple management tools with a familiar Microsoft Teams interface, providing users with an easy meeting management experience and lower learning costs. For MVC800 and MVC500, the tailored plug-in software allows users to control the PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) of the camera directly from the touchscreen.

While MVC300, user can even get rid of doing camera PTZ remote control as the camera features auto framing. Additionally, the console includes an embedded Human Motion Sensor to activate automatically when human motion is detected, users can start a meeting with just one touch.

Yealink MVC Series Video Solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms: Easy to Start and Manage Meetings

Premium Audio and Video Meeting Experience

The audio devices for MVC500 and MVC800 provide users a great audio experience thanks to the HD audio quality, Yealink noise proof technology and wide voice pick-up range, the wireless microphones even provides a cable-free communication experience. Additionally, the CP900 speakerphone in MVC300 features HD voice and six-microphone beamforming for a premium full-duplex experience, users are easy to be heard and involved in the meeting.

For medium to large meeting rooms, MVC500 and MVC800 have the optical PTZ cameras that offer a wide field of view and the adjustable PTZ feature enables vivid face-to-face meetings. While the MVC300, ideal for focus and small rooms, its UVC30 camera supports auto framing that users are able to more engaged in the meeting regardless of PTZ control. 

Yealink MVC Series Video Solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms: Premium Audio and Video Meeting Experience

Multiple Options for Instant Content Sharing

The system allows participants to see content in 1080P/30FPS resolution. The Yealink MShare, a content sharing unit with both HDMI and Mini-DP input, it allows users to present content from laptop. Using the Yealink wireless presentation pod WPP20, users are able to do wireless presentation for even more flexibility. Simply plug in the WPP20 to share content with a single click.

Multiple Deployment Capabilities for Any Room Layout

The Yealink mini-PC box can be placed on the table, fixed to the wall or set on a TV cart for a clutter-free meeting table. The package includes a cable box housing to manage the cables of each component. Every cable has the protection of more than 45N force, ensuring cable security.

Easily Manage Devices through Yealink Device Management Platform

Thanks to support for the Yealink Device Management Platform/Cloud Service, you can remotely manage, monitor, configure, update and diagnose all Yealink audio and video devices peripherals on this platform.

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