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Yealink WH62 Entry-Level DECT Wireless Headset Certified for Microsoft Teams

The Yealink WH62 headset uses wireless DECT technology to provide the best wireless coverage for outstanding freedom of movement, whether you're in the office or at home. Connect the WH62 to your PC or Yealink Desktop IP Phone via the dedicated micro USB ports to experience this ideal accessory for all office environments.

Native Integration

No more EHS adapters needed, simple connect your desk phone directly to your WH62 headset with one USB cable. With 2 Micro USB ports in the base, the WH62 supports a simultaneous PC and IP phone connection. With proven Yealink IP Phone integration, users can experience a crystal clear call experience from the first moment they put their WH62 on.

Crystal Clear Audio

With Yealink Acoustic Shield Technology, the two Microphones that have been built into the WH62 block out automatically block out any background noise, while ensuring that each participant's voice can be heard clearly, boosting communication efficiency.

Interruption Free

When making use of the busylight on the WH62 or using an optional BLT60, people around you will know that you are on the phone, instead of unknowingly interrupting you. Now you can promote higher efficiency by staying focused during every conversation.

All-Day Comfort

Based on hundreds of headset evaluations and thousands of comfort-wearing tests, the WH62 meets all ergonomic requirements. With premier soft leather cushions and lightweight design, users can comfortable wear the WH62 all day long. For more workspace freedom, the WH62 can also free you up to 160m away from your desk.



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