Kathea offers a wide range of services customised for your specific business needs.

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Finding suitable business solutions for Video is becoming increasingly difficult , Kathea offers a range of support and solutions that are best in class.


SLA Services

Kathea offers a full suite of Service Level Agreements to assist our partners who do not have this capability to outsource these services to Kathea.

Real Time Meetings Services

The Real Time Meeting Services offered by Kathea are full meeting management services whereby a dedicated VNOC Staff manages all calls for a customer.  All Video Conferencing endpoints are monitored, and the network is also monitored for Video Conferencing.

This services allows customers the peace of mind that their video service is always operational.

Our VNOC Teams work closely with on-site resources and networking teams to ensure best possible quality and reliability of the Video Conferencing environment at all times.

Installation Services

Kathea offers installation services of Video Conferencing and Infrastructure equipment which can be outsourced by a Partner to Kathea.

All installations are project managed by our Project Managers together with the Partner project team to ensure a professional service for the End Customer.

Managed Services

Kathea is able to assist customers with a full managed service.

A helpdesk is set up on site to assist users with queries related to the system or their bookings.

In addition Kathea works with the customer to continually improve the performance and usability of the solution they have invested in.

Managed Solutions are individually crafted with the customer to ensure they deliver according to specific requirements.

Software and Hardware Assurance

Kathea keeps track of all Manufacturer Software and Hardware Assurance expiry dates, reminding partners and customers at least 3 months in advance of the need to renew these.

Kathea works as conduit between the customer or partner and the Vendor on all experienced issues to ensure a speedy solution to any issues experienced.

Partner Premier

Partner Premier is an extended warranty sold by Polycom to ensure maximum uptime for all Polycom equipment sold in the market.

Partner Premier is intended to support partners in their efforts to maintain equipment for their customers.
The services covers all software updates for the term of the contract, and allows for speedy exchange of faulty equipment with local stock available in South Africa.

In the case of Infrastructure products, preference is given to customers with service contracts when tickets are logged with Polycom Technical Support.

Executive PLUS

Many customers who have really large installations often lose track of their equipment and service status.  In addition, as new equipment is added all the contract terms are out of sync.

Many customers also complain that their environment is not managed and that they do not receive the advantage of what this pay for under Partner Premier.

Executive PLUS takes care of this problem.  Kathea manages all the equipment from an asset point of view, ensuring that Partner Premier services back to the Vendor are in place; that software updates are performed as new versions are available, and that the environment is maintained.

The customer pays a fee per Video Conferencing device, and Kathea takes care of the rest.


Kathea’s SureView MeetME service offers customers the flexibility of a self-service VMR (Virtual Meeting Room).

Whether you are on your mobile phone, laptop, or in a conference room, meeting participants are able to meet seamlessly to conduct their business.

For a fixed monthly subscription fee users are on-boarded, and once tested can make use of the service on a 24x7x365 days basis.


MeetME PLUS offers all the benefits and convenience of the MeetME service, but includes a Video Conferencing Device as part of the monthly fee.

This negates capital outlay for a boardroom or Office Video Conferencing device and offers an immediate ROI monthly when replacing some travel with Video meetings instead.