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Business Continuity with the Connected Workforce

We are certainly seeing unprecedented times at the moment from the extreme of mass panic to the rather blasé attitude of it’s not going to affect me.

Regardless of which camp you sit in there is a very real need for businesses to continue operating as near to ‘business as usual’ as possible. Unified Communications will facilitate a degree of business continuity allowing for portions of a work force to move to home working, but this comes with the associated challenges of management, control and visibility.

Now more than ever it is essential for businesses to have insights into the performance and productivity of employees regardless of their location. So what are the key considerations for IT professionals and heads of business?

IT Professionals

  • Connectivity – is employees’ home wifi giving the service levels required to effectively deal with customers?

  • Devices – are approved devices being used or are employees using there iBuds to make calls?

  • Call routing – are inbound calls being effectively distributed and dealt with?

  • Extended business continuity – is your home-working plan resilient enough to manage all or only part of your workforce?

Heads of Business

  • Are calls being handled in a timely manner?

  • Is the employee activity relevant and at a level where customers are being serviced effectively?

  • Is the technology being maximized, for example is video conferencing being used to replace face-to-face meetings?

With so many questions being posed, it is essential that management have visibility of productivity and quality to continue delivering the highest levels of service. Organizations need access to data that informs not only managers but each individual employee on how productive they have been.

By providing actionable, true business data through communications reporting and analytics solutions such as Clobba, companies can maintain a much better grip on their operations, and individuals can keep a better handle on their own performance levels.


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