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CTOUCH Touchscreens Compared: Canvas and Neo

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Wondering how CTOUCH's touchscreens differ from each other? Which is best suited to your needs? Let's discover if Canvas is your destined display or Neo's the one!

Catches eyes in all conference rooms

CTOUCH Canvas is designed for use in corporate settings. This interactive display meets the highest security standards and is designed to stand out in every meeting room. It immediately brightens up any conference room due to its CTOUCHABLE design. A distinguished rubber border and a soft-touch fabric frame surround the display. The rubber wrapping is available in three colours: Electric Blue, Midnight Grey and Regal Orange.

Ctouch Neo is developed especially for use in higher education and small, and medium enterprises. The screen was made with the CTOUCHABLE design philosophy in mind as well, featuring a slim "Wisdom Blue"- colour border enriched with anodised aluminum and high-performance fabric, the same fabric used on standalone JBL speakers.

Bring your own device?

CTOUCH Canvas has no operating system and thus no options to readily choose from. It is necessary to bring your own device if the Canvas has no OPS PC fitted. With the user's own laptop, the Canvas becomes an interactive extension of their device. Using HDMI and USB for touch or a USB-C cable, the screen is duplicated and fully touchable on the display.

CTOUCH Neo has four options to choose from when turning on the screen: whiteboarding, wireless sharing, web browsing and source switching. You can easily bring your own device and connect it to the Neo with either a cable or your device's native screen-sharing solution software, as Neo is equipped with AirServer. AirServer works with all built-in sharing software applications, no need to install an extra app!

Aside from sharing, you are just as easily able to switch between sources, wireless casting, and, in case you left your device at home, whiteboarding.

Freedom of Movement

Neo’s speakers are front-facing, meaning no wall is needed to ensure its sound reaches the audience effectively. The display is designed to be brought to students or colleagues; if mounted on a rolling stand you can easily move Neo from room to room and no matter its placement, content emitting from the screen will be heard clearly around the room.

Canvas’ speakers are placed in the back of the screen and thus need a wall for sound to bounce effectively to the audience in front of it. This touchscreen is expected to stay in one space, a specific meeting room where you and colleagues can collaborate using the Canvas.

Secure, security, securest

CTOUCH Canvas meets the highest security standards. Designed and built without an operating system, Canvas is incapable of storing data directly. To the disappointment of many a hacker, as after all one cannot steal what is not there to begin with! This makes Canvas an excellent fit for businesses dealing with sensitive information who look to minimise risks wherever possible.

CTOUCH Neo’s safety features take into account its use as a public device: multiple users and a wider range of access to the touchscreen, as teachers and students in higher education frequently swap classrooms. To ensure Neo’s settings are off-limits to unauthorized users, the admin is required to set a pin code upon installation. You don’t need to worry about unauthorized access after a user ends a session either; as all data is wiped so the next user cannot access sensitive information.

Sustained support

To further support Neo, a lifetime of safe and supported touchscreen usage is guaranteed with CTOUCH's Heartbeat As A Service programme. Users immediately become a member of the free Heartbeat Fit upon installing their Neo for the first time, allowing IT-departments to remotely manage all displays in their network.

Even more options are available in the paid subscription Heartbeat Safe. Heartbeat Safe consists of a wide array of features covering functionality, security, IT management, training and sustainability with the aim of improving the lifetime of Neo and the experience it offers.

At the moment, Canvas is not eligible for enrolment in the Heartbeat programme.



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