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Going Digital? The Benefits of Digitalization in Education with CTOUCH

Education is in the midst of a digital transformation. But according to some, the digital transformation in education is moving too slowly. Educational institutions face considerable challenges. Many of them are not ready yet, for example. And the lack of digital expertise is also a major challenge.

Nevertheless, the digital transformation in education offers many opportunities. And it is the best way to prepare pupils for the future. With a digital backpack filled to the brim, of course. Because nobody lugs around books anymore. Below, CTOUCH will tell you why you should go digital today!

The Benefits of Digitalization in Education

1. Fast, Faster, Fastest

Digital education is faster than today’s education in nearly every aspect. It is no longer a marathon but a sprint. What about searching for information? You just need to connect to the internet, and practically anything you want to know is available in one click. Something to hand in? No problem. Reports and homework assignments. It can all be handed in digitally, anywhere and anytime. Everything on time, of course. You can check it right away and give your feedback. You see? Faster. It saves time. Time that can be spent on other things, like personal guidance.

2. More Attractive. Hello, Gorgeous!

Students and teachers alike think that online education is much more attractive. Why is that? According to them, digital education is more fun and interactive. The unlimited possibilities – including video content – make their learning process more captivating. Online education also offers more variety when it comes to lesson materials. Whereas traditional education can often end up being rather dull. So much for an adventure. Having variety makes them much more motivated. There are exceptions, of course. 😉 But most of them are much better able to absorb more of the content. And in the long run, the results will improve. Maybe everyone will be getting perfect marks soon?

3. Insight

You will most likely use an online learning environment when you teach online. This is where your pupils can find their lesson materials and do their homework assignments. It gives you continuous insight into their results. You can instantly see if one of your pupils gets stuck. Or when one of them needs guidance. And you can immediately see if something is missing in their digital backpack.

4. Online Classroom. Anywhere, Any Time!

This digital adventure has put the entire world literally at our fingertips. We just do not know better. And the same goes for education. We are no longer dependent on traditional classrooms. Or workplaces. Everyone can decide where and how they learn, regardless of the time or place.

It can also be fun to invite international students to English classes. Bearing in mind the time difference, obviously.

5. Prepared for the Future

The future is unpredictable. And the changes and trends in education are going at a rapid pace. We know that. And no. We do not have a crystal ball, unfortunately. If only we did. Sending your kids well prepared on a journey to …? Who knows what the world will look like in ten to twenty years from now. One thing we do know for sure is that they will be working in a digital environment anyway. Because more and more people are working with all sorts of different devices. That is why having a proper filled digital backpack is more relevant than ever. And preferably one that we can keep filling, helping them stay up to date!


Article By: CTOUCH


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