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5 Benefits of Touch in a Hybrid Working Environment

Work is no longer confined by the walls of the office. In fact, we are working remotely more and more often. And for longer periods. From home, at a flexi-place in the region, in a local café or even from the beach. The (traditional) office, as we know it, no longer exists. We have found a perfect mix between working at home and working at the office. Hybrid working is the new normal. This means that both the advantages and disadvantages of working from home fall into place.

Something that will not change in the new way of working is our need to collaborate. In small groups, with your own team, with colleagues from other departments or from different sites. However, working together remotely is quite a challenge. How do you ensure, for example, that people who are at the office can work well together with colleagues working from home? And what happens with all those creative ideas that come out of a brainstorming session? How can we be sure that they will not get lost when everyone is back home behind their laptops the next day?

Why Touch Belongs in a Hybrid Office

Smart technology is essential. The success of teams depends on the great tools they are provided with to do their work. Especially in a hybrid work environment, a touchscreen cannot be missed. Huh? What? Why? Well, for starters, no more lost flipcharts. Every idea and moment of inspiration can be followed up anywhere.

Brace yourselves! We have listed the five benefits of a touchscreen in a hybrid work environment:

1. A touchscreen brings more interaction and creativity

Ok, now be honest. How often do you look at your watch during a meeting? And how many times have you fallen half asleep during one of those endless presentations by a colleague? One who is not familiar with intonation or humour. We feel your pain. With an interactive display, you may not be able to change the quality of the speaker. But what you cán change is the quality of the meeting. After all, you have the opportunity to stand up and actively share ideas with colleagues on the digital whiteboard. Not only does this breathe a buzz into the meeting, but you can give each other a much quicker and better insight into plans, ideas and the work that needs to be done.

2. You'll give better presentations

Another question: do you ever struggle with a presentation on your laptop? No, of course not. You never struggle with that. But your colleague probably does, doesn't he? You see him walking back and forth from the presentation screen to the laptop, sweating, every time he has to go to the next slide. And yay, there goes the connection again. Let's start over. Oops, sorry, the laptop's battery is almost dead. Does anyone have a charger left?

Well, a touchscreen makes presenting much, much, much easier. Your presentation plays smoothly from the screen. You'll be much more at ease in front of the group and you concentrate on your story.

3. You inspire everyone with modern technology

Nowadays, a good salary and a pleasant working atmosphere are not the only important factors when choosing a job. More and more employees and jobseekers indicate that an inspiring way of working is a critical factor. Also, the use of modern technology has become a decisive factor. Especially for millennials and younger generations who are used to digitalisation! They expect their employer to help them develop their knowledge and skills with the latest gadgets. An interactive screen contributes enormously to this.

4. Planning and teamwork software already runs on touch

Teamwork works better (and faster) when the interaction is at its best. No more problems with jammed systems, lost post-its and projects that do not connect properly. A robust, digital infrastructure underpins hybrid working. And a touchscreen is the central, digital point in your workspace. So, you can really focus on those results in the short time you have. And, whether you're working with Jira, Miro, Trello or another tool, these teamwork applications support touch. This is not without reason. Especially in stand-up meetings and digital scrumming, the added value of touch is high.

5. A touchscreen offers freedom

Freedom? Ok, this may sound a bit strange. Let us explain. A touchscreen does not only offer benefits for planned (video) meetings. Often, the best ideas come spontaneously. How great is it to have a tool at your disposal with which you can bring your brilliant idea to life? Ad hoc, on-the-spot, immediately and instantly. And share it with others. And how nice is it to be able to put the planning on the whiteboard during a short meeting, to determine priorities? A touchscreen offers you the ultimate freedom to start a conversation at any moment of the day. And to seek interaction to share knowledge.

In short, touch simply makes your meetings more efficient, more meaningful and more fun!

Your Hybrid Office with Touch

Social interaction is and remains our number one need. And our motivator. And that’s precisely where the added value of an interactive touchscreen lies. Your hybrid working environment? That’s where touch belongs! Curious to the details? Looking for more information on the benefits of touchscreens? In the whitepaper, CTOUCH tells you more about how an interactive display contributes to optimal collaboration.


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