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Introducing Logitech Sync: Scale Made Simple

Remote management that scales to thousands of Logitech meeting room devices.

Modern Device Management

Logitech Sync makes it easy to support large-scale video deployments while minimizing site visits and trouble tickets - all from a simple browser-based interface. A fresh approach to remote monitoring and device management simplifies tasks like firmware updates and feature enablement, while an API and forward-looking architecture establish a robust foundation for new insights and integrations.

Room Status In Real Time

Don’t wait for a panicked phone call or trouble ticket to surface problems like an offline room or disconnected device. Sync automatically highlights issues that need your attention in real time and offers in-depth diagnostic info so you can resolve problems before they impact a meeting.

Let Sync Make The Site Visits

Thanks to a modern design that supports both on-demand and scheduled updates, Sync helps you deploy product upgrades and bug fixes to all of your rooms. Simply select your devices, choose an action, and let Sync make it happen.

Make Every Meeting Count

Get insights that lead to more efficient and productive meetings. Informed by rich data about how people use rooms and devices, Sync will help you make the most of your collaboration spaces and technologies.

Why Sync?

Sync offers easy and secure scalability, no matter how many rooms and devices you manage.


Sync’s intuitive and responsive interface is powered by a cloud-based architecture to accelerate deployment and simplify management.


Because Sync employs end-to-end encryption and neither collects nor transmits audio, video, or shared content, meeting data remains private and secure.


A capacity of more than 10,000 devices and a platform built for multitenancy make Sync an ideal solution for service providers and enterprise deployments


No licenses, no invoices, no maintenance fees. While Logitech will add new capability and value to Sync, core device monitoring and management is free.


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