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Logitech Sync Review: Manage, Monitor, and Analyse for Free

Logitech is a reputed manufacturer of computer peripherals, with offices across the globe. But something that often goes unnoticed is Logitech’s presence in the software market. The company offers advanced software solutions that pair well with its own (and other third-party) hardware products, giving you a one-stop communication solution.

One such handy software platform from the house of Logitech is Logitech Sync.

Before we dive into the review, here’s a little bit of information about the product launch. The company was working on a native device management software as early as April of 2019. By June, the platform was publicly available under the tagline “scale made simple” – completely free of cost. Earlier this year, UC Today’s Rob Scott met with Logitech’s Scott Wharton at ISE 2020 (we are talking pre-pandemic days) to talk about Logitech Sync – among other things.

Simply put, Sync is among the shiny new offerings from Logitech that promise to transform the user experience for its hardware products.

Inside Logitech Sync

At its core, Sync is a device management app meant for Logitech hardware as well as devices from its partner network. It has important use cases in today’s remote working world, where IT cannot physically visit rooms, premises, and campuses to check on device status. Here’s a quick review of Logitech Sync’s capabilities:

  • Real-time dashboard – The dashboard integrates with your device ecosystem and conference rooms to give you dynamic visibility into diagnostic data. Does a device need a firmware update? Is a vital room offline for some reason? All of this, and more, is visible on the Sync dashboard.

  • On-demand and scheduled device management – You can rollout updates, patches, and fixes from any location, either manually or through an automated scheduler. The Inventory module lists all possible device management actions which you can implement individually or in bulk.

  • Device and room analytics – There is a dashboard called Insights to display meeting trends. Crucial data like seat usage, meeting frequency, and average meeting duration is plotted via graphs. We think this could be a handy tool as companies gradually return to offices, and want to optimise their meeting spaces for a reduced workforce.

  • Multi-platform access – Administrators can log in to Logitech Sync through the web or a desktop application. On the web, you can use any modern browser, but accessibility is limited to only English. The desktop app is compatible with Windows 7+ and macOS 10.12+, along with 17 languages apart from English.

  • Device support – At the moment, Sync supports three products from Logitech – the Rally conference system, the Rally Camera, and MeetUp, which is a collaboration bar variant. Logitech also lists Barco, Domotz, Nectar, and Utelogy as its initial set of partners for Sync. You can add in integrations for partner devices using Sync APIs.

Why Logitech Sync Makes a Difference

Every collaboration device ecosystem needs a native device management app, and Logitech is no different. It prevents users from looking outside of the brand for administration and governance, increasing retention, and repeat business. That’s why, despite being a free product, Logitech Sync makes perfect sense of the company’s overall monetisation plans.

And it definitely gets the job done. The dashboard helps monitor conferencing systems and spaces remotely, reducing the number of tickets for IT. Remote device management means that you can push updates from a centralised console – which would really be the industry default by now.

But Sync’s biggest USP is the Sync API.

Most of us operate in hybrid environments, where we subscribe to a variety of providers to fulfil our many collaboration needs. The Logitech Sync API works with Microsoft, Zoom, and Google applications, so that you can build a fully integrated UC governance interface for your company.

What We Think

Logitech Sync is an excellent deal for any large company relying on Logitech or its partner devices. It lets you modernise your IT to bring down the number of IT issues, switching to a proactive and automated device management practice instead. Sync supports thousands of devices, and its impressive list of language availability makes it truly scalable.

Sync uses IoT services from AWS to provide you with maximum uptime and fully cloud-based operations. While the app doesn’t have a precise tag as yet, the company could further expand its analytics capabilities and sell them as a separate, value-adding feature to the Logitech customer community. As Logitech’s collab hardware evolves (with a leg-up from partners like Sony, Crestron, and Shure), Sync comes as a timely addition to its line-up.


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