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Intuitive, Integrated and Scalable Solutions for the Hybrid Workforce

Amid prevailing uncertainty and frequent changes to the way we work, companies everywhere have placed a growing emphasis on employing solutions that can facilitate business continuity across a range of scenarios.

Whether work takes place at home, in the office or anywhere in between, it is evident that telecommuting and video conferencing will remain quintessential parts of the global business environment.

Be it to enable a digital workforce, streamline collaboration or rally better communication, organisations are adopting a video-first approach in order to reap the benefits of good virtual collaboration. Case in point – the global video conferencing market is expected to be valued at US$6.03 billion (S$8.05 billion) in 2021, compared to US$3.85 billion in 2019 – the year preceding the pandemic.

Expanding The Meeting Room Beyond Four Walls

One major trend that has entered modern workspaces is the need for on-demand meetings. As we transit from remote-first to hybrid modes of work, hybrid meetings involving both online and offline participants are becoming more frequent.

Unfortunately, many solutions to hybrid meetings rely on outdated teleconferencing systems or the use of a single laptop in a meeting room. This presents a number of issues for unprepared teams, like some team members often going unheard or unseen during such meetings.

Enter Logitech’s Room Solutions – the Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini. These plug-and-play, integrated video conferencing devices can launch meetings seamlessly, with or without a laptop. The Room Solutions also feature AI-powered camera adjustments and advanced audio engineering that enhance meeting dynamics by always keeping the video stream on the action and voice levels just right.

The Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini work well in small and large spaces to keep meetings productive. Both devices are platform-agnostic – integrated with familiar video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms, that many employees commonly use in offices worldwide.

Getting As Close To 'In-Person' As Possible

A common issue with many video calls is that sense of distance you feel when speaking to your colleagues, exacerbated by blurry video feeds and poor audio from built-in laptop cameras. Low-resolution video streams and poor sound quality can disrupt meetings.

This feeling of disconnect can have a negative bearing on team chemistry and rattle the flow of communication during essential meetings. A high-resolution stream may not be able to fully replicate the banter and interaction of a face-to-face team meeting, but it can vastly improve the experience.

A high-resolution webcam equipped with a good lens makes a difference in other ways. For instance, it may be easier to pick up on a client’s subtle non-verbal cues during a video presentation. This gives you a better idea of how your presentation is going, and how you can adapt your approach.

If you need to showcase a physical sample, this will be much easier to do with a webcam that has good optical performance. Your audience will have a better idea of what your product is and how it works. In an age where online meetings are the norm, this could make the difference between nailing your presentation and sealing the deal or logging off with your tail between your legs.

Crystal-clear video streaming, such as that enabled by the Logitech Brio Webcam, can help team members feel like they’re talking to a real person – not just pixels on a screen.

Boasting superb resolution, frame rate, colour and detail, the webcam also comes with a host of other features, including autofocus, 5x HD zoom and an adjustable field of view to make sure your video stream is picture-perfect.

If you’re working from home but don’t have good lighting conditions, the Logitech Brio Webcam is even equipped with dynamic lighting adjustment to make sure the focus stays on you. With noise-cancellation technology, background distractions are reduced significantly to allow you to focus on getting work done, while omni-directional audio capture makes it easy to record sound wherever you are in the room.

Logitech’s enterprise-grade webcams also carry a number of other benefits for the organisation that consumer-grade webcams typically lack.

For instance, having the right business certifications is testament to the rigorous testing that was conducted globally. This helps ensure the devices integrate and work seamlessly with major video conferencing platforms, so users don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

The webcams are easy to deploy, manage, and update – which helps ease the burden on an organisation’s IT staff.

Flawless Audio, Enhanced Immersion

Some workers favour heading to the office, citing that there’s nothing quite like getting in the zone and entering a focused state of flow as you work – but who’s to say you can’t achieve this while on the move or at home?

With active noise cancellation that eliminates ambient background noise and premium audio for music and calls, the Logitech Wireless and Wireless Plus Bluetooth headsets are designed to help workers stay connected with their teammates and immersed in their day, no matter where one chooses to work.

Simple and intuitive controls and minimal cabling help add to the sense that these pick-up-and-go headsets are simply an extension of the user – an essential partner to help get anyone through the day.

Ensuring the best possible employee experience in the modern business environment requires paying attention to their shifting needs and wants as everyone rapidly pivots to new and unfamiliar modes of work. As the No 1 provider of video conferencing hardware (in terms of revenue and units sold) worldwide, Logitech is spearheading the future of work by supporting organisations and employees alike with intuitive, integrated and secure video conferencing solutions.

Article By: CNA


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