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Kathea and Buzzbox collaborate to meet growing UC requirements as 5G edges closer

The last decade has seen the unified communications and collaboration (UCC) market evolve, transforming the way businesses communicate. Coupled to the advent of 5G technology, the unified communications (UC) market is expected to expand at a faster pace. Acknowledging this growth trajectory, local UC provider, BuzzBox, has announced a collaboration with Kathea, a leading value-added distributor of voice and video. 

Jini Guru co-founder and developer of BuzzBox, Jason Penton, says that the partnership brings an all-encompassing UC solution to the local market, backed by concrete communications technology skills: “The solution will address all business, functional and device requirements, ensuring that the necessary hardware required is also addressed. Kathea is a gold certified partner in the Buzzbox technology and provides a holistic solution that caters for all aspects of the communication in the fields of both business and personal use.”

As a leading 100% hosted unified communications provider, BuzzBox enables users to set up the functional requirements in a simple “drag and drop” process at no cost. This installation can be performed by anyone who understands call flow requirements.

Penton says that the collaborative UC offering provides several key benefits:

  • No contract period lock-in and no capital purchase of PBX equipment or cost of designing and implementing the equipment to meet communication needs;

  • Provides increased functionality on four different levels: 

    • Business user extensions with calls routed to users on their office phone, PC + headset or their mobile phone. This makes the person entirely mobile (onsite or offsite) while still being on the business’s telephony system and in that way they are always “present” and can be available to take or make calls which are recorded, reported on at the massively reduced cost compared to typical mobile usage;

    • Contact Centre – Buzzbox offers all the same functionality as traditional contact centre platforms (and more) and an implementation tool that allows businesses to implement the call flows themselves with a useful implementation guide allowing for the full design and activation of IVRs, call recording, detailed graphical reporting, dialing rules and routing patterns;

    • Intelligent dialer on demand (in Beta) – Embracing the power of AI,  businesses can construct the steps they want followed for contacting targeted clients in any business process (e.g. sales or collections) and the Intelligent Dialer executes for you and offers scripting and a great progress tracking tool for the campaign success monitoring;

    • Control and agility – An intuitive user interface enables any authorized administrator in the business to manage and change (through a simple “drag and drop” process) the pbx or contact centre setup and workflows and also have complete transparency on call costs and usage.

Penton says that as access to good and affordable communications continue grow, UC is predicted to grow in popularity: “Built from the ground up with no legacy to contend with, Buzzbox can embrace fully the power of artificial intelligence and cloud computing. We look forward to participating, together with Kathea, in the growth and evolution of UC in South Africa.”

- Contact Kathea for more information and pricing on our Buzzbox Solutions!

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