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Let's Talk Pexip: Rebrand, New Partner Program, Strategy, Market Opportunities and More!

Meet The New Pexip

Who is Pexip & What Do They Do?

Pexip is the result of a merger in 2019 between a company called Pexip (founded in 2012), specializing in video infrastructure and Videxio (founded in 2011), a cloud video service provider. The respective companies were started by a group of visionary industry veterans. Based on their extensive experience from video conferencing, they saw the need to break down the barriers which were making enterprise video conferencing expensive, and difficult to use, manage and scale.

Pexip simplifies video communication across borders, businesses and platforms, enabling everyone to be seen, heard and included.

What Did Pexip Announce at InfoComm?

Pexip focused on their new brand story and the fact that they, as a combined company, now offer customers one of the most comprehensive portfolios for video communications and collaboration available – with a range of deployment methods to choose from: as a tailored self-hosted deployment, as an out-of-the-box as-a-service deployment, and as both. Making this available under a single, and easily recognisable brand is a key priority.

In addition, Pexip demonstrated their full product portfolio, including their Google Hangouts Meet and Microsoft Teams interoperability solutions.

Pexip at InfoComm 2019

What is the rationale behind the Pexip rebrand?

In January 2019, Videxio and Pexip merged into one company. Pexip has spent the first months of the year bringing the two companies together. Today they are merging two brand profiles, Videxio and Pexip, into one new brand that reflects who they are as a combined company and why they do what they do.

Pexip wanted to create a brand that was built on the strong history of both Pexip and Videxio, but also marked the true beginning of their story as a joint company, positioning them for the future.

With the launch of their new profile, Pexip is demonstrating that they are ready for the next chapter of their story. One team, one vision, one set of goals. They are moving ahead at full speed as one company to offer enterprises a scalable, cloud-based platform that can be deployed as a self-hosted, hybrid, or as-a-service solution.

Their new logo signifies what makes them most unique. With Pexip at the centre of outward facing brackets, they bring together locations, people, and technology and continue to break down the barriers to effective video meetings.

New Pexip Logo

What is Pexip's Channel and Partner Strategy?

Pexip sells only through channel partners and their partners are very important to them, forming a keystone to their success. There are some partners that sell Pexip as a tailored self-hosted deployment, some as an out of the box as-a-service deployment and some as both.

Pexip has just launched an expanded partner program as a result of January’s merger. The full details on why their partners are important and who their gold partners are can be found on their website.

The Market Opportunity for Pexip

Large enterprises are at the core of where Pexip's value proposition makes the most sense. Their products are inherently horizontal in nature – everyone will benefit from them, and everybody has the need – and that’s also what they see in their customer portfolio.

However, some verticals such as healthcare, financial services, public/government and education are particularly strong with them and they do have some very large customers in these sectors. Pexip provides some very specific solutions to companies and organisations in these verticals, and they see that there is a strong trend that this will continue.

With the addition of the service to the portfolio, customers can register their videoconferencing units to the Pexip service for full call control and management features and at the same time enjoy unlimited calling on a dedicated global quality assured network. Users can call other video systems, into virtual meeting rooms, or directly to individual contacts. This means that companies with large existing video conferencing infrastructure deployments can easily decommission it and move to a more modern, cost-effective and future proof environment.

Pexip Meeting Room

In addition, and perhaps needless to say, Pexip sees great opportunities with both their Google and Microsoft relationships. They both increase their presence tremendously, and organisations have, almost without exception, mixed communication and collaboration environments. This is where Pexip comes in as that much needed “translator in the middle” for IT to solve their cross-technology communication challenges. There seems to be an ever-increasing requirement for more of their interoperability solutions.

In summary, Pexip sees an opportunity with customers who would like a tailored self-hosted deployment but also with those who would prefer a more out-of-the-box solution or even a combination of both.

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