Measure, Manage and Optimize Workplace Occupancy with SenzoLive IoT Sensors and Cloud Analytics

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Step 1

Sensors are installed in the workplace.

Step 2

Data is sent securely and anonymously to cloud platform.

Step 3

Dashboards to view real-time and historical data.

Workspace Challenge

Workspace related research shows that individually “owned” spaces sit unoccupied 60% of the time. New ways of working, shared space, hot desking and remote work, have created a trend that has taken many CRE executives by surprise. They are asking:

  • How exactly is our workspace being utilised?

  • Can we save costs?

  • Can we create a more positive employee experience by optimising our space?

  • Do we have enough meeting rooms?

  • Do we need more collaborative areas?

This is where SenzoLive comes to help.

SenzoLive Solution

SenzoLive cloud-based software, with connected occupancy sensors, monitors the desk, room, floor and building level occupancy with the highest accuracy and insightful analytics. SenzoLive desk sensors capture the occupancy status every 5 seconds. This data with the cloud based dashboard, heatmaps and reports, provides CRE professionals with LIVE visibility into daily office utilisation patterns.

Flexible Integration

SenzoLive data can also be integrated, trough open API, into any 3rd-party real estate software, facilities management, and meeting room and desk booking systems, and also with BMS/HVAC for occupancy-based ventilation control. SenzoLive enables CRE professionals to optimise the workspace, reduce operating costs and achieve efficiencies quickly and simply.

Information Available in Reports and Dashboards

  • Live dashboard

  • Live layout plan

  • Average Occupancy

  • Peak Occupancy

  • Occupancy ranges

  • Energy consumption

  • Heat maps

  • Comparison tool to review multiple areas

  • Customizable timeframe

  • Unlimited users

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Information About Occupancy Sensors

  • Battery powered desk sensors for short term studies

  • USB-powered desk sensors for permanent use

  • Ceiling sensors for open/collaborative space

  • Motion detectors for small spaces

  • Use existing Wi-Fi, no need for additional infrastructure

  • High-frequency scan for reliable results

  • 100% privacy protection, no personal data collected

  • For live / real-time occupancy data

  • Replaces manual walk-through occupancy study

Download Sensor Family Overview

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