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Occupancy Sensors: Technology for Real-Time Views of Occupancy and Utilization

Make Educated, Cost Effective Decisions About Your Workspace

FM:Systems' IoT Sensors turn space challenges into opportunities with real-time objective data that allows you to identify, plan and deliver the ideal workplace. Sensor data reveals actionable insights on occupancy, utilization and the environment that can improve employee productivity and satisfaction while simultaneously optimizing your real estate portfolio and reducing energy costs. Learn more about the role of sensors in the workplace.

Environmental Monitoring

Our multi-function sensor not only captures utilization data but can also detect temperature, noise, light, air pressure and air quality, giving you the ability to better control energy consumption and improve the overall quality of the workplace environment.

Occupancy Detection System

Our automated and integrated workplace sensor platform offers real-time, objective data on occupancy and utilization with passive, infrared IoT sensors. Data visualizations in our Analytics dashboard yield insights into underused and under-performing spaces.

Network Independent

Sensor installation is quick and hassle-free. The system is installed during off-peak work hours to minimize workplace interruptions. Sensors and host hardware use radio frequencies that don't interfere with Wi-Fi or existing networks, so no IT involvement is required.

FM:Systems: Occupancy Sensors: Technology for Real-Time Views of Occupancy and Utilization

Benefits of using Occupancy Sensors

1. Reducing Business Expenses

  • Reduce time spent on logistics with live space availability data delivered across the workplace;

  • Save money by identifying underused spaces to find opportunities to consolidate and increase utilization. You can save up to $200,000 with every 1% improvement of utilization;

  • Grow revenue by adopting co-working strategies to rent and share unused space; and

  • Lower energy costs with BMS and BAS integrations.

2. Attract and Retain Talent

  • Gain insights into organizational dynamics to design a workplace that reflects how people actually work;

  • Determine what type of space (desks, conference rooms, huddle spaces) people need to be productive;

  • Control environment settings in a manner that improves the well-being of your employees ;

  • Respond to the needs of your mobile workforce with collaboration spaces and data-informed agile work strategies; and

  • Drive employee engagement with real-time displays of space availability via digital signage and mobile devices.|

Reap the Benefits of Alternative Workplace Strategies

Higher Employee to Desk Ratios

Most organizations still use a 1-to-1 employee to desk ratio. Achieving a higher ratio like 5-to-1 is not only possible, it can also save you millions in overhead costs. Offering intuitive tools and a real-time, live view of workspace availability will boost employee adoption and drive productivity.

Creating Workspaces Your Employees Want to Use

More than 40% of global companies are adopting alternative work programs to attract and retain talent. Sensors enable businesses to respond to the needs of a mobile workforce.  Objective utilization data informs decisions on adding more collaboration space or increasing your desk-sharing ratio.  Sensors allow you to make strategic decisions about workplace design and space allocation that will maximize your real estate investment and optimize employee performance.

Real-Time Occupancy View

Analytics At Your Fingertips

Dashboard users have access to a comprehensive suite of secure, real-time reporting and analytics including color-coded heat map floor plans, graphs, binary wall boards, bar charts, and pie charts.

FM:Systems: Occupancy Sensors: Technology for Real-Time Views of Occupancy and Utilization

Real-Time Reliable Reporting

Reports offer multi-level filters including site, building, floor, zone, room, room type and desk type allowing for simple and intuitive comparison of utilization and performance across individual properties or entire portfolios.

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