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Poly Announces Native Integration For G7500 With Zoom Rooms

Poly announced at Zoomtopia that its new enterprise video conferencing system, The Poly G7500, will natively integrate with Zoom Rooms. Zoom Rooms is Zoom’s enterprise level software application that greatly enhances the features of Zoom to support professional grade hardware and make collaboration even more seamless.

Zoom Rooms users will be able to enjoy the same familiar interface that makes starting and scheduling meetings, managing contacts, and adjusting settings a breeze. And the best part is that no PC will be required. The Zoom Rooms app will run right on the G7500, eliminating the need for a PC in the room. The new Poly TC8 touch control can also be added as the Zoom Room controller to make navigating the Zoom Rooms interface on the G7500 even easier.

This is major news for Poly, as this will be its first video conferencing endpoint that is both built with standards-based protocols (H.323/SIP) and support for a software client like Zoom Rooms. Enabling a feature that many traditional video conferencing users have been searching for, the ability to connect to remote users that can be on virtually any device while still enjoying a professional grade video conferencing system. With this Zoom Rooms integration, the Poly G7500 is now the standard for video conferencing hardware.

The G7500 already sets itself apart with its 4k video resolution, world class Polycom audio technology, and seamless content sharing capability. Check out our initial blog on the G7500 here for a full breakdown of the features: Introducing Poly G7500: The first 4K video codec from Poly.


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