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Introducing Poly G7500: The first 4K video codec from Poly

We are very excited to announce that Poly has unveiled a new solution that will bring new video features to your fingertips!

Introducing the Poly G7500, the industry’s first video conferencing solution where content is at the center of the experience with wireless content sharing and UHD 4K conferencing in one box!

Sharing is Simple. Collaboration is Limitless.

Help teams share ideas and express themselves clearly - in Ultra HD 4K. No ideas get left behind, because anyone can share wirelessly, annotate and capture content for later use. With detailed visuals and rich audio, people feel like they’re together in the same room.

With noise cancellation built-in, audio distractions like background noise and side conversations are a thing of the past. G7500 is deployment friendly too, with an intuitive user interface and flexible set-up that increases adoption and utilization. Backwards compatibility with legacy Polycom peripherals means there is no need to rip and replace when deploying the G7500.


  • Simplify the user experience by combining video conferencing and content sharing in one solution

  • Make people feel like they are together in the same room with Ultra HD 4K for amazing richness and clarity when sharing content

  • Minimize background noise from disrupting meetings with advanced audio technology including Polycom Acoustic Fence and Polycom NoiseBlock technology

  • Deployment is streamlined by industry standard cables and IP connectivity of peripherals


- Contact Kathea for more information and pricing on Poly Solutions!

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