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The new CTOUCH Leddura 2Share Essentials grows along with your collaboration needs

Kathea - CTOUCH Leddura 2Share Essentials

CTOUCH has announced the new Leddura 2Share Essentials. This touchscreen is there to make you shine in the meeting room. Designed to share digital content within seconds. Wirelessly and safely. It has power. It’s rock solid. And, custom made for your collaboration experience. Future proof? Absolutely!

“We believe everyone should experience the positive interactive sharing of knowledge. How can we achieve this? By creating a modern workplace which meets everyone’s needs,” says CTOUCH CEO, Remmelt van der Woude.

CTOUCH helps organisations to build a modern workplace in which their people work more efficient together, but also we add a dose of fun to their daily activities. In the design process of the Leddura 2Share Essentials we knew it had to be an easy fit to the user. With this interactive display you’re full engaged without any barriers. In an instant.

We couldn’t do it alone. So we have teamed up with a software design studio to create the most customer friendly screen we could think of. We have involved as many as 1.000 users to get the CTOUCH 2Share Essentials at the current user experience level. As always we rely on JBL®, a Harman Kardon® brand, for an overwhelming sound shower.

A rock solid solution that empowers every collaboration experience

We keep in mind that we’re all different. We work in different roles in different work environments. So we designed a flexible upgradable family of collaboration solutions for all end user needs and requirements. We call it BRIX. The Leddura 2Share Essentials is part of this modular platform BRIX. Starting with the basics and upgrading from there. And when your needs change, do you need a whole new touchscreen? No way. Simply upgrade the BRIX module and you’re set to go. Future proof it is!

Kathea - CTOUCH Leddura 2Share Essentials - BRIX

A new product brings new perks

We present you some of the perks of the Leddura 2Share Essentials you don’t want to miss out on:

Dare to share? With Voila without a doubt App or web-based. Wireless content sharing with Voila has never been that quick and easy. You get to choose what works for you. With only a simple unique access code you unlock the magic of Voila, the world’s simplest wireless presentation system.

Endless writing with the infinite whiteboard Write, mark and annotate directly on the screen. With a new and best-in-class user-interface experience and infinite digital whiteboard your team’s ideas will flow as never before. Best part: you never run out of writing space. This is truly awesome. CTOUCH did not come up with endless annotation tools such as 300 pens, 500 colors, 250 gradients, 800+ objects. Instead, we chose for a huge clean sheet that gives you room to write for 7 days in a row, just a few pens and 5 colors. Keep it simple and everyone can work with the Leddura 2Share Essentials within seconds. That’s a promise!

The sound of collaboration: Human Presence Detection The Leddura 2Share Essentials has the intelligence to spot participants in the meeting room. The integrated JBL® far-field microphone array literally hears people entering the room. The screen knows that she is needed and is automatically powered on. You can start your meeting immediately. If it’s not used, the touchscreen turns off by itself after a short time. Efficient, convenient ánd saving power up to 80%.

On top of that, the integrated JBL® 80 Watt speakers deliver a Live Stage (Virtual) Surround Sound. Unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced at work!

The Leddura 2Share Essentials will be commercially available from October 2019.



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