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Top 5 Poly G7500 FAQs

1. What is the "big deal" about the G7500?

Content is at the center of the experience. The G7500 is a wireless presentation system and video codec in one solution. That means the G7500 has features of the Polycom Pano combined with the latest in video collaboration.

2. Do I need a license key for G7500 for any options?

No, not in 2.0 software. There are no options, 4K is standard by default. Please note, in the web interface, there is an area to enter license keys. There may be options available in the future.

3. What are the maximum number of supported microphones?

In version 2.0 software, the maximum number is 3 plugged directly into the RJ45 ports on the back of the codec. If a user is using an EagleEye Director II, only 2 microphones are supported in version 2.0 software.

4. What content sources are supported?

HDMI, Polycom Content App, AirPlay, Miracast and Blackboard and Whiteboard (touch enabled).

5. Does G7500 support Microsoft Office 365 or Skype for Business cloud or on-premises?

No. Refer to RealConnect Services for Microsoft needs.

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