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Upgrade your Huddle Rooms to Business Class with Polycom Studio

Kathea: Upgrade your Huddle Rooms to Business Class with Polycom Studio

With an estimated 32 million huddle rooms globally, only two percent of those spaces include equipment for video conferencing, which is becoming increasingly important for the mobile workforce. And, while the rooms may be small, the ideas that businesses are counting on coming out of those rooms are anything but.

Polycom Studio combines business-class performance with simplicity for small rooms and huddle spaces. This new USB video bar from Poly makes connecting easier than ever, with plug-and-play functionality that works with nearly any video platform and any budget.

With room-filling sound and pinpoint accurate microphones, Polycom Studio enables participants on both ends of your calls to hear and be heard clearly. Developed through decades of audio science, Polycom Studio has the best audio quality in its class, letting you experience meetings like you’re there in person. With intelligent features like Polycom Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlock, Polycom Studio automatically mutes and removes distracting background noises and other unwanted sounds.

Kathea: Polycom Studio

Cloud-Based Video Conferencing has exploded over the last few years. Adoption has been rapid, and enterprises are leading the way in rolling out video-first meetings, higher levels of productivity and reducing the cost of travelling between meetings.

Both Polycom and Plantronics have been shaping the landscape of equipment in the VCaaS industry for some time, enabling enterprise-grade video collaboration solutions that are designed to equip different meeting spaces from huddle rooms to large boardrooms. Polycom Studio works with most collaboration platforms - including Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom, BlueJeans, Pexip, and more - making it easy to deploy and use with nearly any type of video call.

Polycom Studio for Meeting Users

Many video conferences today are frustrating DIY experiences that result in lousy audio and video that don’t allow teams to see and hear everyone clearly. Polycom Studio eliminates that frustration. Simple USB plug-and-play connectivity keeps technology in the background and provides a business-class solution to small room users. It just works!

  • Best In-Class Audio: Polycom Studio sound bar ensures clear, high-fidelity stereo audio that accurately re-produces voices in a way that you’d only expect from more expensive solutions.

  • Dynamic Video Experience: The exclusive speaker tracking technology intelligently focuses on the person talking - even if they move around the room.

  • No Distractions: Background noise that overrides whoever is speaking results in meeting distractions and stops the flow of conversation to ask everyone to go on mute. Polycom Studio’s patented NoiseBlock and Acoustic Fence technology silences those distractions.

Polycom Studio for IT

Polycom Studio makes managing many huddle rooms a simple process that doesn’t require on-site, hands-on attention. Don’t waste your time running from room to room updating multiple systems for every new release of software - spend that time building great group collaboration experiences that your users will love.

  • Simple Deployment: Polycom Studio’s simple USB plug-and-play connectivity and flexible mounting options allow you to place the device wherever you like, accommodating a variety of different huddle room configurations.

  • Centralised Management: Polycom Studio provides centralized management that enables easy access for software updates and to change settings, as needed.

  • Lower Costs and Fewer IT Resources: Teams enabled to think big require less support, freeing your resources to work on other strategic priorities. Your IT department will love the accolades from meeting users.

Offering the perfect combination of simplicity, budget control and productivity, huddle rooms are excellent for creating a more efficient workforce. However, companies still need to find the right solution to bring those huddle rooms to life. The Polycom Studio is the relatively small, easy-to-use, and affordable plug-and-play answer to that problem, packed with exciting technology and bringing powerful conferencing into any room.

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