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What’s the difference between MTR, Collaboration Bars and BYOD?

Kathea | What’s the difference between MTR, Collaboration Bars and BYOD?

As Microsoft Teams becomes more integrated in our way of working, we may start to look at bringing it into the meeting room, but with terms like MTR, collaboration bars and BYOD, what is the right way to go?

Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) provides a complete meeting experience that brings HD video, audio, and content sharing to meetings of all sizes, from small huddle areas to large conference rooms. Microsoft Teams Rooms includes the following key components to deliver a great user experience:

  • Touchscreen control panel

  • Computer

  • Microsoft Teams Rooms application on a mini pc

  • Dock/extender

  • Peripheral devices (camera, microphone, speaker)

  • External screens (maximum of two)

  • HDMI input

You can procure these components as preinstalled bundles directly from Kathea or through any one of our certified Partners, or you can purchase the supported components individually.

An example of an MTR bundle is the Yealink MVC840 which comes with an MCore mini-PC,

touch panel, UVC84 4K camera, VCM34, and MSpeaker II audio system. All you would need to add are the screens. These set ups usually produce the best quality meeting room experience. Everything should work together to run Microsoft Teams software natively.

Kathea | Yealink MVC840 Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) Bundle

Collaboration Bars

Microsoft Teams certified collab bars are dedicated android based units with a Microsoft Teams app. They are updated directly from the Microsoft Teams service. You plug them in and away you go and they optionally support a touch screen.

An example of a Teams Collab Bar is the Poly Studio X50 which has a 4k camera and auto framing. Its mic and speakers are built into the bar. Control for non-touch screen displays is via a Poly TC8 touch panel or controls on an optional speakerphone. It doesn’t come with display screens, so you’ll need to buy those separately.

Kathea | Poly Studio X50 + TC8 Collaboration Bar for Microsoft Teams

It won’t give you the best quality image, sound or integration, but it is a great low cost, easy solution.

Bring Your Own Device

A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution relies on a meeting participant’s device to drive the meeting technology. With BYOD solutions, you are able to switch software easily and use Apps on your PC. In addition, IT is able to push video conferencing upgrades to PC users to manage, and all set up for AV in meeting room is on the user such as the distribution of content.

An example of a BYOD solution is the Logitech Group which includes a 1080p, PTZ camera with a 90-degree field of view and an audio base with four microphones offering 360-degree coverage, and allows participants to connect their personal device including tablets, laptops, etc. to the system.

Kathea | Logitech Group BYOD Solution

BYOD solutions are more conducive to smaller organisations with power users.

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