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Yealink MP50 USB Phone for Microsoft Teams

Yealink MP50 USB Phone for Microsoft Teams

Operating as a computer or mobile phone peripheral, the Yealink MP50 has been designed for both the desktop office or hot-desking, by offering softphone users a familiar telephonic experience with user-friendly UI and premium audio performance. The ergonomic handset and hands-free microphone are also suitable for customers who prefer to use devices that are free from wearing stress.

All-in-One UC Workstation

Efficiency and productivity are more important in today's modern workspace than ever before and an all-in-one UC workstation is required for users who want to manage calls across multiple devices. With USB and Bluetooth connectivities, hands-free speakerphone, 4-inch multi-point touchscreen and USB hub feature, the Yealink MP50 is able to integrate multiple devices into a single phone for unified call controling.


Always Ready for UC Callings

Compatible with Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and multiple mainstream UC applications, the Yealink MP50 USB phone will be automatically recognized after connecting to a PC or mobile phone, and be ready for placing or receiving calls instantly with the intuitive UI.

Yealink MP50 USB Phone for Microsoft Teams

Simple and Clear UI

Manage Your Devices and Calls at Fingertip

On the 4-inch touch screen, the connected devices could be managed through simple clicks. And for calling controls, Yealink MP50 offers both a hard key pad as well as the touchable display for call answering, holding, muting and speaker mode, which provides a well-ordered working experience and delivers a unified, intuitive and visible interactive experience.

HD Audio Quality

Sound Professional and Noise-free

Thanks to Yealink Optima HD voice and Yealink Noise Proof Technology, the MP50 delivers a crystal-clear voice communication experience for every user in the open workspace or common area. The full-duplex hands-free speakerphone with AEC also presents immersive sound for either hands-free calling or music.

Yealink MP50 USB Phone for Microsoft Teams

Labor and Time Saving in Provision

Deployment and Management

With the plug-and-play feature and the support of Yealink USB Connect, the provision and upgrade of these USB phones are trouble-free for IT admins, which save organizations on labor costs, device management and maintenance.

MP50 USB Phone

Features at a Glance

  • 4-inch capacitive touch screen

  • 3-ports USB 3.0 Hub

  • Supports Bluetooth Headset

  • Supports BT50 Dongle for PC

  • Supports Busylight

  • Optimal HD Audio

  • Yealink Noise Proof Technology

  • Full-duplex Hands-free Speakerphone with AEC

  • Dedicated Teams Button

  • Microsoft Teams-tailored User Interface

  • Teams and Skype for Business Compatible

Yealink MP50 USB Phone for Microsoft Teams


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