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Yealink UVC40



Yealink UVC40 is an all-in-one intelligent USB meeting device for small and huddle rooms.  Featuring 20MP camera and 133 ° super-wide-angle lens, UVC40 delivers outstanding video quality.  Together with the electric lens cap, its AI technologies including face detection, sound localization, and speaker tracking and so on allow users to experience a smarter  and  safer  video  conference. With  8  MEMS  microphone  arrays  and  high  fidelity  speaker,  UVC40  brings  excellent call quality even in full-duplex mode.  Moreover, UVC40 supports remote management on  Yealink Device Management Platform via its built-in  Wi-Fi.

Yealink UVC40

Kathea does not sell direct to the market, but we would be very happy to offer our expertise to help you to determine which solution will be best for your environment and then match you to one of our highly skilled and reputable partners.

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