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Are we all switching to blended learning after the coronavirus?

Kathea: Are we all switching to blended learning after the coronavirus?

Due to the coronavirus, schools have massively switched from face-to-face education to online learning. In the beginning it was not easy for the teachers, students and their parents... But meanwhile we are getting used to this new way of learning. Online learning is not that bad. And it brings a lot of advantages. For both students and teachers. One thing is certain, though. After Corona, online learning will remain an important part of the curriculum at many schools. The power of good education lies in the combination of online and offline learning. In other words: blended learning.

Blended learning. What is it?

Blended learning is becoming more and more popular in modern education. And it may well take off now. Blended learning is a learning method that combines online education and traditional classroom teaching. Both ways of learning complement each other, creating a fully integrated curriculum.

Are you already convinced of blended learning? If not, here are five advantages.

1. It Enables Personalised Learning

In a blended learning programme, the focus is on the student. The student follows online lessons at his own time, place and pace. In addition, adaptive learning is possible, giving the student exactly the information he needs. During the traditional classroom sessions, the questions and uncertainties that they have can be addressed.

2. You’ll Have Super Engaged Students

Keeping your students engaged is a challenge every day. A big advantages of blended learning is greater involvement of your students. By offering learning material in different formats, students can take it in the way that suits them best. It makes lessons become less boring and the interest of the students is stimulated. In this way, they are more likely to understand and remember what they have learned.

3. You Have Insight Into Progress & Results

When students work in a digital learning environment, their progress and results are tracked online. As a teacher, you have 24/7 insight into the learning performance of your students. You can see at a glance what is going well, where they get stuck and how they score on certain modules. This helps you to guide your students and to challenge them if necessary.

4. It Saves Time & Is Efficient

As a teacher you are often short of time. In a digital learning environment, the results of tests made are automatically checked and tracked. This saves you a lot of work. In addition, the pre-recording of digital lessons can also help to make your lessons more efficient. As a result, you have time to coach your students during the day to get the best out of themselves.

5. It Makes Learning Fun!

In the end, learning is all about one thing. It has to be fun to be effective! Teachers are increasingly using new techniques and innovations in their lessons. For example with illustrations, online learning programmes and interactive games. This makes even the most boring lessons much more fun.

Nose-picking students? Not with these touchscreens.

A touchscreen is an essential tool in the world of blended learning. It plays a central role in both classroom and remote teaching. With the touchscreens from CTOUCH, students won’t be staring out the window. Let their curiosity come to life on our super easy-to-use touchscreens. And the good thing is. You can choose which software, platforms or operating systems you use. You decide what works best for you and your students.

Kathea: Are we all switching to blended learning after the coronavirus?

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