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Introducing Adaptive Composition from Pexip

Pexip Adaptive Composition

Adaptive Composition

An intelligent layout design for video conferencing that enables more productive, engaging video collaboration from any device.

Put people at the center of your collaboration technology.

Pexip believes that video meetings should be as efficient and productive as in-person meetings. Pexip redefines its video-first experience with the introduction of Adaptive Composition. The AI-powered technology that optimally frames all participants to deliver an immersive and seamless video experience, all done without user action.Whether you use brand new room systems or ten-year-old Tandberg systems, you can improve your meeting experience. Participants joining the meeting via Pexip apps, WebRTC or Pexip clients will also experience the layout, no matter the device they use.

Pexip Adaptive Composition

The immersive meeting experience, reframed.

Traditionally in video conferences, the person speaking is in the spotlight. While this allows the speaker to be most visible, non-speaking large groups are minimized on screen. Adaptive Composition  puts the focus on face-to-face conversation and allows more natural engagement and eye contact.

Pexip Adaptive Composition

Crop, pan, tilt, zoom and frame. Seamlessly.

We believe in a video-first approach for virtual meetings. Maximize the video experience, and you maximize the productivity of your meetings.

With Adaptive Composition, real-time adjustments to the framing, such as cropping, panning and tilting, mean people’s faces always remain in focus. The largest part of the picture is people --  not empty chairs or unoccupied space taking up screen real estate.

Pexip Adaptive Composition

Technology that adapts to you. With zero complexity.

With Adaptive Composition, your users and hardware don’t have to change; instead, the meeting experience adapts to your users and hardware.

The intelligent design layout creates a cleaner, more balanced user interface on screen, with less shuffling of individual video feeds. This allows the visual flow of your meeting to more closely mimic the natural flow of conversation, with smooth, seamless updates to images and fewer visual distractions.

Pexip Adaptive Composition

Unlike other video conferencing solutions, Pexip can transcode live media during your meetings to give each participant the best possible audio and video experience on the device they’re using.

Because of this transcoding and the innovative AI component, the platform can analyze the media in real time using machine learning to continuously adapt to the framing and display of individual video feeds, as well as the arrangement of the overall on-screen display.

Pexip Adaptive Composition


AI technology powering Pexip meetings

Innovative AI is behind the new Pexip meeting experience with automated optimization for premium, video-first enterprise collaboration.

Participant auto-reframing

Real-time image framing is fully automated for more realistic face-to-face engagement.

Optimized for large groups

In addition to voice detection, visual detection is used to assign more proportional screen space to larger groups in-call, whether they’re actively talking or not.

Intelligent layout design

A cleaner, more seamless user interface provides greater visual balance for how all participants are displayed. Relevant visual cues are emphasized, while the number of visual interruptions is reduced.

Mimics natural conversation flows

Automated framing, panning, and zooming helps to maintain more natural eye contact and supports more realistic visual flows using relevant non-verbal cues.

Reduced user complexity

There’s no need for users to take action or worry about the hardware and camera settings for each meeting. The technical complexity for participants to join meetings with optimal picture is reduced to zero as everything is automated.

Maintains data privacy

Take advantage of the latest advances in AI technology for video collaboration, while maintaining the integrity of your data privacy. Pexip's deep learning stack is trained on open data and never customer data. At Pexip we believe your data belongs only to you.

Works with any device

Works with legacy meeting room systems and the latest, state-of-the-art video systems and personal devices. Your users get the same immersive experience and optimization, no matter what device they’re using.  

Streamlined in-call status indicators

Status indicators are more accessible and easier to understand with minimal visual impact to the in-call user interface, including the active speaker name overlay. 

Source: Pexip

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